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The recent coup is the 12th since the establishment of a constitutional monarchy in 1932. General Prayuth Chan-ocha, Thai army chief and head of the new ruling junta, said the military acted after violence had claimed the loss of more than 30 lives during six months of anti-government protests

Thai generals seek to entrench control

Army-appointed body to maintain politicians’ standards — and grip on power


A military coup plunges Thailand further into crisis
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Thai political battle separated by colour

Purple shirts displace red and yellow

Thai business leaders welcomed coup

Putsch ended years of on-off Bangkok street duels between political factions

Thailand’s Yingluck charged and impeached

Former PM faces threat of jail and ban from politics

Yingluck loyalists launch YouTube defence

Ex-ministers speak out after being barred from former Thai PM’s impeachment hearings

Thai junta bolsters royalist credentials

Lese-majesty laws used to crush dissent

Thai economy tsar with a year to deliver

Junta-appointed finance minister faces a tricky 12 months

Thai leaders risk backlash from elite

Taxes on wealthy may undermine backing of core support group

Executives line up to advise Thai regime

Corporate push behind military putsch poses ethical risks

Thai PM to meet kindred spirit in Myanmar

Former generals both face tricky national votes next year

Thailand stifles memories of past conflicts

Critics deplore campaign of organised forgetting of 1976 killings

Thailand set to tap unspent billions

Junta plans to use budget leftovers to create jobs

Thai officials keep eye on foreign polls

Ballot organisers went to Scotland and Scandinavia to observe vote

Military men fill top Thai cabinet posts

New economics tsar has blemished track record

Thailand’s ultra-monarchists export vigilante justice

Ever harsher domestic treatment of king’s critics fuels extremism abroad

Former Thai leaders’ murder trial scrapped

Judges dismiss case begun under ousted government

Thai junta woos foreign investors

Transport and communications improvements planned

Thailand revives rubber sell-off plan

Move could pile fresh pressure on depressed market

Thai coup leader anointed as PM

MPs unanimously confirm Gen Prayuth as their choice

Thailand cuts top-end growth forecast

GDP up 0.4% in second quarter

Thai unrest knocks GM off course in Asean

Carmaker ‘struggles’ as political turmoil and rivals impact sales

Unrest hits Thailand and Vietnam tourism

Visitors wary after Bangkok coup and Hanoi spat

Thai opposition regroup abroad

Opponents of military junta to register organisation-in-exile

Thais call for boycott of EU luxury goods

European cars and wines shunned in response to sanctions

Thai surface calm hides political battle

Military crush dissent as opposition mobilises in exile

Thai junta acts to stem worker exodus

Departure of thousands of people hurting already faltering economy

Telenor apologises to Thai military junta

Norwegian group claimed it was ordered to block Facebook

Thai leaders use cinema to boost cause

Junta provides free tickets to see film about nationalist hero

Thai junta: Let them watch football

Latest prong in a populist campaign to ‘return happiness to the people’

Thailand: Salute to the past

Military rule by detention, censorship and diktat has taken hold in a country known for its openness