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Spending round 2013

UK chancellor George Osborne has set out plans to extend his austerity programme into the next parliament, cutting departmental budgets and introducing a new cap on welfare payments

Osborne opens battle on size of the state

Spending review puts crisis of welfare and spending into focus

Spending round 2013

Spending review
Transcript of chancellor’s speech and official documentation

Osborne criticised for ‘woeful’ delivery

IFS says lack of detail ‘not an exercise in open government’

Roads and railways earn top billing

Alexander pledges £28bn and £30bn for transport sectors in next parliament

‘Biggest building plans for a generation’

Treasury chief secretary commits £100bn to new projects

Treasury unveils £100bn of project spending

Plans include Hinkley Point guarantees and student loans sell-off

Chancellor says cuts will hit the rich

Osborne rejects claim that welfare curbs hurt the poor

Cost of HS2 undercuts spending review

Osborne sets out £11.5bn cuts, but rail link price rises £8bn

Osborne sharpens his election weaponry

Chancellor believes he has won economic debate

Arts bodies relieved by funding settlement

Cut of 5 per cent to museums and arts budget better than expected

London’s transport grant cut to £1.6bn

Capital investment of £1bn a year promised for 2015-2021

Cuts will ‘stretch essential services’

Local government hardest hit of public sector

Osborne sets out school funding reform

Revamped scheme aimed at eradicating national variations

Cost of HS2 rail link jumps by £8bn

Transport secretary announces costs could rise to £42.6bn

Spy agencies win 3.4% real-term increase

Intelligence service rise contrasts with 1.9% cut for MoD

Osborne keeps on with plan for pain

But more is needed to foster growth in the British economy

Next time round could reshape the government

Osborne’s winners and losers

Security services gain boost; conditions slapped on jobseekers

Projects worth £100bn to be set out

Accelerating shale gas exploration to upgrading the A14

Welfare state moved down road to reform

Chancellor says benefits spending cap will be announced each year

Osborne sets a trap for Labour on welfare

Sticking to the government’s benefits cap will torture the opposition

Good things come to those who wait

Business presses Osborne on infrastructure

Business leaders’ mood is optimistic after UK Spending Review

Government devolves smaller than expected sums to regions

Pot for Leps is £15bn, short of the £70bn recommended by Lord Heseltine

Cities eye big infrastructure schemes

Spending review included news Manchester has signed a £1.2bn deal

Reactions to Osborne speech on spending

George, Jeffrey or Bungle? Ed Balls talks of broken promises

Weary Brummies resigned to austerity

Labour-held Edgbaston could tip to Tories, say locals

The spending review Osborne never wanted

The bald facts are clear: unprotected departments face more large cuts

Osborne sets the terms of debate

Chancellor’s decisions on cuts form the baseline for the 2015 election

Osborne plans welfare payments cap

IFS chief warns of tax rises ahead

Chancellor set to lay out plans for £11.5bn in cuts

Osborne to sweeten cuts with spending

Promises of long-term UK investment on top of trimming £11.5bn

Where do Osborne’s £11.5bn cuts come from?

Q&A: The short answer is it is a made-up figure

Osborne confirms NHS and schools ringfence

Chancellor says the departments will not face spending review cuts

Osborne plans modest local growth fund

Business leaders warn of backlash if pot is smaller than anticipated

Fears for free-at-the-point-of-use NHS

Warning next government will have to consider widening charges

Extra cash pledged for troubled families

Move tackles problems such as truancy, antisocial behaviour and crime