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Silk Road Redux

The road from China to Europe has become engorged with cash since the onset of the eurozone crisis in 2009. As other investors fled, Chinese companies bought world-class brands and wealthy Chinese found it easier to gain EU residency

Podcast: Tobias Buck discusses Silk Road Redux

FT Madrid bureau chief answers reader’s questions

Day 1: Investment

China investors surged into EU in crisis

Buying spree begun in 2011 seen as structural shift

©Milos Bicanski

Greece primps for big China state deals

Chinese leaders reassess infrastructure possibilities

China investment aids Portugal bailout

Move to buy into strategic hub for expansion across former Portuguese colonies

Day 2: Italy

China swoops in on Italy’s power grids and luxury brands

EU debt crisis opened up periphery countries

Christine Spolar series, the Chinese in Europe. An artwork by the artist Kaarina Kaikkonen hangs on the wall of the old town in Prato.A portrait of Lucio Yangguang, intermediary between the council and local businesses.
©Charlie Bibby

Chinese translate the European work ethic

Next-generation migrants more educated, higher skilled

Who is living where? Count most countries confused over migration

EU members differ over who is a migrant

Day 3: Portugal
Edmund Zhao at his offices in Estoril, near Lisbon where he has set up a business to help other wealthy Chinese property buyers. The day after he arrived in Portugal he bought a 500,000 apartment that enabled him to obtain a "golden residence permit".
©Rachel Wise

Sea, sun and easy visas lure China buyers

Portugal’s residency scheme revives recession-hit property market

China leaps forward: overtaking US as biggest economy

Data forecast the Asian giant will officially move into first place this year

Day 4: Spain
Christine Spolar series, the Chinese in Europe.
Chinese in central Madrid.
©Charlie Bibby

China’s migrants thrive in Spain’s crisis

Entrepreneurs rely on family support to scale the economic ladder

Christine Spolar series, the Chinese in Europe. The Edificio Espana, A Franco era skyscraper now in Chinese hands.
©Charlie Bibby

Slideshow: China in Spain

Investments flow in, but personal sacrifice and family networks are pivotal to success

Why Chinese migrants do so well in Spain

Chinese businesses are expanding despite the EU debt crisis

Day 5: China
Outside of Prato cafe, Wenzou.

Chinese migrants smell the coffee at home

Some entrepreneurs leave Europe for fresh opportunities in China

Unanswered questions over China

Evidence of a sharp slowdown is obvious

Clockwise from top left: North Sea oil, Weetabix, a new power plant at Hinkley Point and Heathrow airport
©Daniel Lynch; Charlie Bibby; Bloomberg

Britain celebrates China investment flow

UK ranks as prime EU destination for Chinese cash

Christine Spolar series, the Chinese in Europe. A Don Pin driver takes goods to their customers in Madrid.
©Charlie Bibby

Slideshow: China’s strivers from Milan to Madrid

Portraits of success and sacrifice