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Shadow Banking in Focus

Shadow banking covers a wide range of ‘non-bank’ institutions that perform many of the functions of traditional banks, including lending, but do so outside of deposit-taking banks. The FT examines this sector, which is reshaping how companies fund themselves

Find ways to love the shadow banks

Some critics think the biggest global banks are too big to manage

Banking must stay out of the shadows

Authorities must keep close tabs on activities of non-banks

Shadow banking

Money men flourish in the shadows

FT series concludes with a look at the industry’s heavy hitters

NY Fed takes on key role in repo market

Central bank engages with shadow banking system

Rulemaking proves tricky in the shadows

Regulators struggle to keep pace with evolving sector

Five facts about shadow banking

Patrick Jenkins analyses a little understood industry

Regulators need firm principles and rules

As regulation tightens some of the substance of banking will surface elsewhere, says Paul Tucker

Regulatory tussle centres on ‘repo’

Financial market exemplifies shadow banking challenge

Shadow banks step into the lending void

Alternative financiers pile pressure on traditional lenders

Banks unload risk into blind pools

Hedge funds collect fees for exposure to potential losses

Fed looks at exit fees on bond funds

Officials fear effect of any run on $10tn industry

‘Patient capital’ ready for debt sell-off

Fear of bond fund run mayhem as banks reduce presence in market

Taking another path

Shadow banking offers potential benefits and challenges

Safe shadow banks and sound savings

The Fed is turning informal banking into a public-private partnership, says Paul McCulley

Shadows: risky business, global threat

The first of an FT series investigates China’s precarious shadow banking system

Time to focus a light on shadow banking

The goal is to replace a system prone to excess and collapse, writes Mark Carney