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Co-workers who toil 24 hours a day

Collaborative robots come out of the safety cage


Robot series
Human-machine collaboration is opening up markets and applications beyond automotive and semiconductor manufacturing
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Baxter takes on dull, repetitive tasks

Robot aims to complement workers and make them more productive

Japan’s robot makers under threat

Hardware ‘bodies’ become less important than software ‘brains’

Da Vinci Surgcal System

Robots take over Korean operating tables

More than 6,000 surgical procedures a year conducted by robots

Managers wanted – must understand robots

Missing from most accounts of how automation will transform the workplace is a similar sense of wonder at the dexterity of managers

Robot makers aim at tech industry

Labour-intensive electronics factories seen as ideal platform

Rockwell reaps big data robotics rewards

Real-time analysis of everything that happens on factory floor

Silicon Valley seeks to embrace robotics

Companies are making deals as technology approaches tipping point

Robots: rise of the machines

As you invest in the future, you are betting on your own demise

New robot army in the work place

‘Service’ machines can perform a wide range of specialised jobs

Festo takes a leap with its robot kangaroo

Australia’s marsupial provides an insight into energy efficiency

Softbank offers robots with a human side

New androgynous machines ‘powered by love’ for home use

How to raise a personable robot

Heather Knight is working on machines people can get on with

Robot makers told by EU to calm job fears

Kroes offers sector €700m but says it has to reassure public

China overtakes Japan as top robot buyer

Manufacturers turn to technology as wage bills rise

I, robot, am your collaborator

BMW machines uncaged and put to work beside staff

South Korean robots lead the world

Some blame increasing automation of factories for job losses

Mini plant armed with future proof robots

BMW’s Oxford plant is at cutting edge of car production