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FT Comment Series

Senior Republican politicians, economists and writers outline new thinking from the right on how to address the critical issues facing the US and indeed the rest of the world.

When Right Thinking is just plain wrong

The contrast between the commentary and policy proposals could not be starker, says Steven Rattner

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US must recall it is not just any country

The rush to court adversaries has overshadowed relations with trusted allies, writes Condoleezza Rice

The GOP should reform – not repeal – Obamacare

Universal coverage need not mean higher costs, nor more statism, writes David Frum

America needs no more neo-imperial nonsense

We must roll up the empire and put the US first again, writes Pat Buchanan

The right must learn to love the state again

Government needs to be smaller but also stronger, writes Francis Fukuyama

Republicans must return to free-market principles

Both parties have for years pushed government beyond its core functions, writes Paul Ryan

True conservatives despise crony capitalism

We must change the incentive structure in Washington, writes Jon Huntsman

A conservative growth agenda for the US economy

Sweeping tax reform offers one of the best chances to raise growth, writes Glenn Hubbard

How the Republican party can win

An aspirational, centre-right agenda will make the difference, writes Olympia Snowe