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Redrawing the atlas

It is one of the most powerful definitions in the world and accounts for investment of more than $10bn. But with developing markets overtaking developed ones in some areas the term has become obsolete, say critics

Lending to emerging markets comes to halt

BIS fears ‘vicious’ circle’ of deleveraging and turmoil


Emerging markets: Clockwise from top left, Brazil, Turkey, China and Indonesia ©Bloomberg
It groups economies as diverse as China and the Czech Republic but what does it really mean?

Lagarde urges overhaul of crisis response

Emerging-market trouble needs bolstered ‘safety net’

Caribbean nations struggle to diversify

Despite efforts, FDI data show tourism still leads inward investment

Brazil in charts: not for amateurs

Foreign investors leave markets as domestic buyers sense opportunities

EM outflows persist for seventh month

Unprecedented run blamed on falling oil prices, equity sell-offs and market volatility

Joe Cummings illustration

Latam duo laid low by capital controls

Argentina stabilises after scrapping restrictions as Venezuela slides further into abyss

The Brics are dead. Long live the Ticks

Tech-heavy Taiwan, India, China and Korea are the new darlings of the EM world

Capital controls no longer taboo for EMs

Faced with big outflows more policymakers are suggesting unorthodox methods

EM stressed debt hits record levels

Yields are rising across EMs as investors withdraw money

China and Myanmar’s SEZs: can of worms?

China’s push to re-engage with its southern neighbour may have unexpected costs

EM borrowing costs rise as credit fears grow

Weaker local currencies raise cost of servicing dollar-denominated debt

Capital flight from China worse than thought

Emerging markets saw an estimated $735bn in net capital outflows last year

Emerging markets: moods and money

There is more to the story than commodities and debt

Global reach of China’s consumerism hopes

Sustainable rise in labour-intensive services needed to avoid international fallout from currency drop

Limits for emerging economy central banks

Becoming a market-maker of last resort is not an option for most

Mexico bank chief calls for EM monetary action

Carstens warns of ‘a potentially severe shock’ caused by credit crunch

EMs face ‘new reality’ of lower growth

Developing economies must confront profound change, urges Lagarde

EM growth rises despite doom and gloom

Bad news dominates but economic growth is now close to trend

China overshadows global outlook for 2016

Country is hugely important in determining world economy

Fed’s rising tide fails to lift EM boats

Taiwan cuts interest rate after US move amid little upward pressure

Rate rise threat to emerging markets

Companies face a credit squeeze

EM economies downgraded across the board

Forecasters slash GDP growth and earnings per share estimates

EM vs DM: not obsolete after all

There are still good reasons to lump countries into big baskets, argues the IIF

Redefining EM: Choosing the best matrix

World experts offer six new classifications — have your say

Governance is key to new classification

The term ‘emerging markets’ should be replaced by six categories based on governance regimes

New EM acronym focuses on country risk

More comprehensive definition focuses on country risk

Cities, not countries, are EM drivers

Some 440 cities in emerging markets set to drive about half of global GDP growth until 2020

A new emerging market matrix

Grouping countries by shared characteristics defines stages of development and risk

Time to move beyond ‘emerging markets’

Alternatives must be found for a phrase that has lost use and meaning

Emerging markets: Redrawing the world map

The term has become obsolete, say critics, as developing markets overtake developed ones in some areas