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FT Debate

Renowned figures from business and politics lay out their ideas on how the UK’s economy can recover from recession

Only Tolstoy’s warriors can cut UK debt

It takes time and patience to reduce indebtedness, writes Norman Lamont

©Jonathan McHugh

Imperial dreams still haunt Britain

We should be neither ashamed nor beholden to history, writes Richard Vinen

Return of animal spirits will benefit all

Industry must figure out how to adapt to new conditions, writes Martin Taylor

Ingram Pinn illustration
©Ingram Pinn

British foreign policy should be realist

Emotion draws the country across the Atlantic but hard calculation pulls it back to Europe

UK has political capital to lift investment

For every 10 miles of privately financed road, you get 15-20 on gilts, writes Jesse Norman

Lessons in store for austerity Britain

A time of hardship can be transformed into one of opportunity, writes Philip Clarke

UK still has the energy to power recovery

We need a managed decline of fossil fuels, not unthinking abandonment, says John Browne

UK U-turn

Britain risks a lost decade unless it changes course

To increase its future potential output, the UK should raise its output today