FT series - Archived

Hunt for crude

An analysis of the new generation of oil superpowers, focusing on the countries that will dominate crude supply in the decades to come and the companies set to benefit from this future windfall

Bible holds lessons for future of energy

The Genesis message about preparing for harsh times should be applied to fuel production

Oil producers: the battle for supremacy

Crude production forecasts for the global energy superpowers

FT series: Day 1

Texas heartland leads the US oil revival

Area at core of country’s hopes for energy independence

Canada boosts slice of global oil exports

Efforts to block Keystone XL pipeline fail to stem rise in market share

Small groups lead US shale oil revolution

Chevron, ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch Shell left trailing

Saudi Arabia still vital to oil supply

Moderation in oil demand and US shale revolution hit production

Saudi Arabia ramps up gas drilling

Challenge to grow gas production and free more crude for export

FT Series: Day 2
KazMunaiGas field work

Kazakh state oil company targets Europe

KazMunaiGas plans a move into Ukraine and Turkey

Kashagan dream lures unlikely bedfellows

Kazakhstan’s Caspian field to come on line after titanic battle

Changing composition of the UN of oil

Kashagan oilfield consortium faces fresh shake-up

Storm clouds threaten Iraq’s oil revival

Big ramp-up in output seen between 2010 and 2012 has now stalled

FT series: Day 3

Petrobras faces test to tap pre-salt oil

Deepwater opportunities have generated regulatory challenges

Brazil says oilfield is ‘huge opportunity’

Seven to eight bids expected for Libra pre-salt area

BG hopes rest on Petrobras partnership

Investment in Brazil offers rich rewards but at heavy costs

Shale can learn from nuclear industry

Ecological accidents will have global impact on output

Shale could fuel world for decade, says US

Study says 345bn barrels in 42 countries

US shale output boost ‘temporary’

Prices will remain high, says trader dubbed ‘God’

Costs rise for ‘technological barrels’ of oil

US shale oil is increasing the marginal cost of production

Efficiency is critical for Canada’s oil sands

Saudis welcome US shale boom

New hydrocarbon sources reassure market, says Aramco

Pipeline is the key to fossil-fuel future

John Dizard finds an unlikely alliance has bumped clean energy off the agenda in the US

Shell warns of shale delays outside US

Fuel rises to challenge oil industry’s supremacy

Plans to squeeze more value out of reserves are taking shape but not all companies have found ways to hedge their bets, says Guy Chazan

Peak demand theory shakes up oil debate

Cheaper substitutes and fuel efficiencies will hit oil demand

Oil demand is set to fall in the age of gas

Long-held beliefs about energy are being upended, writes Seth Kleinman

‘Red Lenin’ leads Russia’s oil revolution

Russia gears up for shale boom

Energy group chief targets output of 10m b/d for years to come

US must avoid shale boom turning to bust

Conditions expose misalignment between resources and regulations

Flares take shine off shale boom

US well-placed for shale revolution

Country has means to achieve its goal of energy self-sufficiency