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Banking in 2012

What are the options for the big banks as they confront a post-crisis world of tougher regulations and lower profits?

Best paid plans going astray for bankers

Wall Street is re-engineering to deal with a raft of challenges

Wall St adjusts to investors’ demands

Questions remain over depth of change

Europeans illustrate changes in US banks

Cosmopolitan flavour emerges on Wall Street


Four years after the financial crisis, how has investment banking changed? This graphic examines the shifts in the industry across a range of metrics

Obama and Wall St – end hostilities

The president should now pursue a truce with financial sector

Banking may lose its allure for the best and brightest

The really stark relative shrinkage of finance might lie ahead

FT series

M Stanley chief warns on Wall St pay

Gorman says bankers still ‘overpaid’ as he looks at cost cuts

James Gorman
©Pascal Perich

Makeover leads M Stanley down safer path

Its chief’s safety-first message is changing the bank and starting to pay off with analysts

Deutsche Bank building in downtown Manhattan skyline, New York

New York is a tall order for Europeans

Foreign banks still looking to make it in US

European banks stung by US disdain

Transatlantic rivalries come to the fore on Wall Street

Banks lose staff to asset managers

Rule changes trigger flight to funds industry

Boutiques take growing slice of M&A work

Small investment banks in demand for BAE-EADS deal

BlackRock edges into banks’ territory

World’s biggest asset manager expands into corporate bonds

Bond trading model shows signs of stress

Dealer banks building electronic bond trading platforms