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A new oil order is being shaped by one of the most dramatic price movements of recent times - a near halving since June 2014 - that has changed the corporate landscape for oil companies, created a windfall of lower energy costs for oil consumers and has huge implications for the economies of oil exporters

The New Oil Order: in charts

New Oil Order

Takeaways from the FT’s series on the impact of the crude price plunge

Venezuela: ‘Terrorised by oil price drop’

FT series: Of the top oil producing nations it has been hit hardest

Cheap oil endangers switch to renewables

Supporters of solar power express confidence in long-term prospects because costs are falling

Mexico: the big oil sell-off

Parts of the hydrocarbons industry are to be sold off to private investors. But at what cost?

Shale glut turbocharges motoring revival

Ford ramps up output as US drivers make use of lower fuel costs

US shale stymied by Saudi, says Shell CEO

Van Beurden defends £55bn deal to buy BG Group

Plastics companies stretched by rising prices

Manufacturers see no gain from cheap oil

Sky-high demand keeps ticket prices aloft

EU and US airlines have little incentive to pass on fuel savings

Oil: Leaner times for ‘Fort McMoney’

FT series: Canada’s oil sands industry is choked of investment after price collapses

Energy deals set to focus on US shale oil

Smaller groups with low-cost crude and high debts are seen as vulnerable to takeovers by majors

Energy groups axe $100bn of spending

Delays and cancellations of new projects will curb output in coming years

Energy groups’ $100bn in cuts laid bare

Oil companies act swiftly and globally to deal with price fall

Saudis spend despite low oil price

Kingdom insists it can weather crude fall despite fears of slowdown

Saudis claim oil price strategy success

World’s largest crude exporter seeks to douse US shale surge

How the shale revolution changed the world

... and why nothing will ever be the same again

The big drop: Riyadh’s oil gamble

Why Saudi Arabia chose not to support market as prices fell