Financial markets overhaul

European regulators are reshaping the region’s trading markets with a review of its flagship financial markets directive, Mifid, and a new piece of legislation, Emir

Fund houses to pay for research themselves

Neil Woodford who has set up WIM. Photograph: Rosie Hallam
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Quarter of asset managers will stop billing clients

Europe overhauls market definitions

High-frequency trading among terms set down as Mifid II moves closer

What would Brexit mean for my money?

EU rules underpin buying flights, funds and places in the sun

EU rules set to hurt City and asset managers

Chasing ever purer markets, regulators risk gumming the machine

EU rejects Mifid II trading reforms

Policymakers demand regulator redrafts commodity and bond market rules

Europe’s market reforms set for year delay

Brussels announces pushback to overhaul of EU trading standards

Esma calls for resolution to Mifid doubts

European regulator urges Brussels to set new timetable

EU rules demand transparent research fees

Asset managers will have to separate out how much they spend

Deutsche Börse to encourage hidden trades

Exchange to promote ‘dark pool’-style dealing ahead of Mifid II overhaul

MEPs accept need for Mifid II delay

Formal postponement to European trading rules moves closer

European markets rules set for year delay

MEPs soften opposition to postponing new legislation

European banks race to revamp research

Mifid 2 to reshape way analysts report on companies

Mifid: why it matters

EU overhaul of market rules to be delayed

Victory for lobbyists amid technical concerns over Mifid

EU financial market reform faces IT bugs

Complexity of systems to govern new market rules to cause delays

Why it was time for Daniel Godfrey to go

The CEO forgot he was the head of a trade body, says David Oakley

Commodity traders cautious on Mifid II

Derivatives and capital requirements will come under greater scrutiny

Europe unveils rules for market overhaul

Regulator plans to toughen investor protection and extend competition and transparency

Traders and oil groups braced for Mifid II

Tougher rules and costs on commodity trading could lead to exodus

Private banks warned over fees

Further consolidation appears ‘inevitable’, says McKinsey