Financial markets overhaul

European regulators are reshaping the region’s trading markets with a review of its flagship financial markets directive, Mifid, and a new piece of legislation, Emir

Why it was time for Daniel Godfrey to go

Daniel Godfrey of IMA

The CEO of the Investment Association forgot he was the head of a trade body, says David Oakley

Commodity traders cautious on Mifid II

Derivatives and capital requirements will come under greater scrutiny

Europe unveils rules for market overhaul

Regulator plans to extend competition and transparency

Traders and oil groups braced for Mifid II

Tougher rules and costs on commodity trading could lead to exodus

Private banks warned over fees

Further consolidation appears ‘inevitable’, says McKinsey

FCA warns on commodity trade abuse risk

Effective market abuse controls found at only a few companies

Coffee ‘squeeze’ takes market by surprise

Trade comes as US and EU regulators mull tighter oversight

A Bloomberg screen is seen in the FT Newsroom.

UK regulators upgrade Bloomberg status

FCA approves application to run London-based platform

Wealth advice: are you paying a fair price?

Clients are still finding it hard to compare costs

Unproductive: caring too much does not make our employer any richer

Reliable research keeps markets liquid

Analyst insight gives value well beyond a buy or sell rating

Mars and oil groups pan commodities rules

Group joins oil companies in opposition to financial market shake-up and impact on chocolate and fuel prices

Mifid II needs to uphold spirit of reform

Esma urged to ensure open access

Europe urged to uphold market reforms

Exchange chiefs say ‘guiding vision’ of Mifid II must be upheld

Traders’ alarm at Europe’s stricter rules

Industry needs to step up efforts to inform policy makers

Trafigura hits at European trading rules

Commodity trading houses and energy companies make final attempt to win concessions from Mifid II

ICE chief warns over UK derivatives trade

Shift to other markets likely to accelerate under new EU rules

Comment: Unbundling rules will get tougher

Regulators clear on objectives, says Richard Balarkas

Shining a light on dark pools

Rob Boardman considers solutions to problems that did not exist

Asset managers offer new cost disclosures

Proposals fall short of single figure on trading costs

Reveal fees, discretionary managers told

Report casts doubt on transparency of charges