Financial markets overhaul

European regulators are reshaping the region’s trading markets with a review of its flagship financial markets directive, Mifid, and a new piece of legislation, Emir

Bats to launch ETF reporting service

Exchange to create tape of record for OTC instruments

Beware European market data smokescreen

Regulators must address the de facto monopoly regime

Rollercoaster of commission-ban denial

Financial advisers seem to suffer five stages of grief over lost revenue

Reform can have unintended consequences

Impact of client commission rules is likely to hit small companies

ETF managers push European reform agenda

Improvements sought for ETF trade reporting

Quick View: Clearing up differences

Accord between the EU and the US is being severely tested

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How fund managers spend your money

Costs you don’t see may be more than the ones you do

Europe details markets overhaul

Wide-ranging proposals from region’s main securities regulators

European lobbyist Hardt quits amid row

Tensions over Exchanges’ relationships with banks prompt exit

Vanguard defends high-frequency trading

Mutual fund chief dismisses talk stock market is ‘rigged’

EU begins clampdown on ‘flash boy’ traders

Complex process to adopt rules on HFT gets under way

Banks review clearing house defaults

Banks caught out by rules in wake of errant HanMag algorithm

Time for European derivatives competition

Ensuring competition is imperative to well-functioning markets

Muted start for European derivatives rules

Watchdogs reach deal on OTC derivatives

US banks trading on the platforms will also be exempt

ICE warns of redirection of investment

Company has ‘flexibility to follow customers where they go’

CME and ICE warn on Europe clearing plan

US exchanges hit out at open access to derivatives trading

European ETF market not yet fit for purpose

Five steps for issuers, investors and exchanges to reform

Derivative-linked Ucits ‘non-complex’

Retail investors free to buy without advice

Mifid show moves to Paris after deal

Interest is now turning to the fine details of the agreement