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Bubble Alert

Speculative mania, fraud, or merely overpriced assets: this series examines the nature of bubbles, and delves into some of the more frothy areas of the market

Bubbles burst regardless of sentiment

Investors should be wary of taking comfort from the wrong sources

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Six ways to cool the housing market

Policy prescriptions to bring UK house prices back to earth

Central bankers face ‘confidence bubble’

Quest for sustainable growth must avoid fresh market disruption

Property bubble is ‘major risk to China’

If this is a turning point, developers have yet to heed it

Tech race fuels Bitcoin mining bubble

Prices for the latest computer hardware have been chased higher

Borrowing costs close to the edge in Europe

Questions over debt valuations as fears of bubble rise

Coco sell-off unveils high-yield bargains

Average rise of 70 basis points since June

London house price rally spreads down

Rises are driven by fundamentals rather than speculative fever

Finance: The FICC and the dead

Banks’ once-mighty trading businesses are humbled. Will a return of volatility to the markets revive them?

BuzzFeed inspires listicle of caution

Shares are pricey and there are risks of a Silicon Valley bubble

Rajan sounds alarm on asset bubbles

RBI chief says world at risk of new crisis

Dublin in urgent need of more housing

‘Ghost estates’ not in areas where people want to live

Investors blow froth off junk bond market

Is it a blip or a turn in the corporate credit cycle?

Doomsayers distrust ‘sexy part of market’

Corporate mergers and acquisitions are back with a vengeance

Cocos: return of toxic bubble-era stuff

Top-rated government bonds defy gravity

Fear of bubbles hides stagnation danger

A gloomy outlook is that interest rates are low for good reason

Investors more wary over tech stock run

Market mania: a guide to hot assets

From spotting the signs to timing your exit, profiting is tricky

Markets enter ‘Great Frustration’ phase

Economic optimism remains, but valuations are too high

Ivory Coast helps open up the frontiers

A critical autumn nears for EM currencies

Carry trade boost will weaken when Fed announces rate moves

Investors’ junk bond exodus gathers pace

Worst monthly performance in more than a year

Bubbles are forming in the credit market

Auto loans heat up, with emerging market corporate debt also expanding fast

Junk bonds turn negative as rally stalls