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Rate-rigging scandal

NYSE Euronext has been awarded a contract to run the London interbank offered rate after the benchmark lending rate became discredited by a rate-fixing scandal that has seen banks fined and individual traders put on trial

Barclays pays $100m in US Libor settlement

New York state attorney-general criticises conduct of UK bank


Some banks are trying to cut deals with regulators and end questions about their role in the Libor scandal
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Former Barclays bankers jailed for Libor

Merchant, the most senior of accused, given 6½ years

The headquarters of the Serious Fraud Office in Westminster.
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Two ex-Barclays traders face Libor retrial

Three other defendants to be sentenced on Thursday after guilty verdict

Libor trial lessons on dishonest boss

The best option when told to do something shady? Walk away from the job

Pray that Standard Life move is an oddity

There is a whiff of panic in the news that a £2.9bn retail property fund has suspended redemptions

Barclays Libor verdicts give boost to SFO

Convictions ‘restorative’ for reputation following earlier acquittals

Former Barclays bankers guilty over Libor

Convictions hailed as a success for the UK’s Serious Fraud Office

The Barclays Plc logo is displayed outside the company's offices in Tokyo, Japan, on Thursday, Jan. 21, 2016. Barclays Chief Executive Officer Jes Staley has started a fresh round of cuts at the investment bank, with plans to eliminate more than 1,000 jobs worldwide and exit several Asian countries, people with knowledge of the matter said. Photographer: Akio Kon/Bloomberg
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Ex-Barclays staff tell of ‘humiliation’

Traders take stand during Libor manipulation trial

Errant banks perfect the waiting game

Time is the great healer that makes the pain go away

Citigroup fined $425m for rate rigging

Bank knew Tom Hayes tried to manipulate market at former employer

Citi traders’ 2008 manipulations revealed

Staff boasted in messages how far they had ‘moved the screen’

SFO may need Deutsche traders to turn themselves in

Extradition requests maintained despite Frankfurt Libor ruling

US court opens door over Libor claims

Ruling that threw out private lawsuits is overturned

Banker in Libor case says he was acting honestly

Jonathan Mathew tells court his manager would hit him with a bat

Jailed Libor trader plans fresh appeal

Lawyer who acted for Asperger syndrome hacker hired for challenge

ISS backs audit at Deutsche Bank

Shareholder adviser tells investors to back the supervisory board

Ex-Barclays boss denies knowing of ‘improper’ emails

Libor trial witness says he had no idea about rate submissions

Ex-UBS trader accuses FCA of scapegoating

Regulator seeks ban for being ‘reckless’ over Libor setting

Former RBS employee banned over Libor

Paul White agreed to ‘low’ estimate in exchange for sushi

Defective markets structures need reform

Libor lessons can be applied to other critical daily operations

Libor banker says he did what boss told him

Ex-Barclays staffer had no idea how to make benchmark submissions

Libor defendant implicates Barclays execs

Trader on trial for rigging rate says superiors aware of practice

Libor case banker joked about riches

Prosecution says email chat shows ‘dishonest’ conspiracy

Bankers ‘driven by money’, court told

Former traders are accused of conspiring to rig US dollar Libor

Ex-Barclays traders stand trial over Libor

Five are accused of conspiring to manipulate US dollar benchmark

Libor trader Hayes told to repay £880,000

SFO was seeking £2.4m of bonuses Hayes received at UBS and Citi

Vanishing riggers pose three pipe problem

Sherlock Holmes closes the case on Libor malfeasance

ICE shakes up scandal-hit Libor

Intercontinental Exchange seeks to restore confidence in benchmark rate

Libor trader says he lost £1m of savings

SFO seeks £2.4m of bonuses Hayes received at UBS and Citigroup

Australia sharpens focus on bank culture

Scrutiny creates headwinds as banks defend reputations

Libor trader Hayes denied appeal

Former UBS and Citigroup banker prevented from taking case to UK’s highest court

ANZ probed over rate rigging claims

Latest in series of global interest manipulation scandals

Ex-Deutsche Bank trader banned by FCA

UK watchdog excludes Curtler after Libor conviction

Banks listen in to traders’ phone calls

Challenge is to weed out evidence of market abuse from banter

Scandals prove all but impossible for prosecutors

Libor case shows how hard it is to hold individuals criminally accountable


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