FT series: Day 5

Lehman’s legacy: Five bitter pills

Lehman Legacy

Concerns that new regulations amount to mere tinkering have led to radical proposals to strengthen the system

Insane financial system lives post-Lehman

There are at least six peculiar features that might make Alice blink

Lehman ‘zombie company’ nears its end

Lawyers, restructure experts and traders unwind remaining assets


Lehman aftermath yields $3bn payday

Lawyer and accountant fees pile up as bankruptcy continues

Investors best to have slept after crash

Recrimination and regret still haunt banks

Plans to narrow US ‘safe harbour’ laws

Move unlikely to be welcomed by banks dealing in derivatives

We need a bit more love on Wall Street

A little more curiosity, a little more concern and a little more commitment

FT series: day 4

Dust starts to settle on derivatives revolution

Once opaque, much maligned sector cleans up its act

In his own words: Terry Duffy

Chairman of the CME Group on the impact of derivatives regulation reform

In his own words: Gary Gensler

CFTC chairman on the future of post-reform derivatives

Whistleblower sues Morgan Stanley

Ahmad claims credit risk warnings were ‘whitewashed’

CME Group outspends rivals on lobbying

Futures exchange registers six times before the CFTC


Hedge fund chief cheers derivatives reforms

Post-crisis action shifts power to investors, Griffin says

Markets: The debt penalty

Wall Street bond-trading desks are shrinking as banks hold more capital. The liquidity they provided may be missed

FT series: Day 2

Dougan warns on systemic risk

Credit Suisse head accepts further change

Swiss bank adapts to developing regulation

Faces of a crisis

We take a look back at some of the bankers and policymakers at the centre of the 2008 financial crisis and where they are now

Corporate finance deals plummet post Lehman

UK transactions down 63% and those in US by 33%

FT series: Day 1

Unfinished business in battle to fix banks

FT Series: Five years after Lehman, policy makers labour to fix the causes

Double bank capital, says Vickers

Reformer seeks to go further than his own commission