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Japan’s general election

Japan’s conservative Liberal Democratic Party surged back to power in an emphatic election victory just three years after it was defeated at the polls

Abe turns back clock to stimulate economy

Japanese government’s public spending plans echo 1990s

Comment and analysis

Abe’s fiscal boost is welcome, but is no game-changer
– Editorial
Raising female labour participation will boost GDP, says IMF
– Mure Dickie
New PM has his work cut out persuading investors to stick around
– Lex

Japan signals rise in borrowing

Former premier Taro Aso picked as finance chief

Japan’s Abe issues ultimatum to BoJ

Bring in 2% inflation goal or we will, says PM-to-be

Abe leans on BoJ in post-election meeting

Incoming PM calls for inflation target of 2%

Abe intensifies pressure on Bank of Japan

LDP leader calls on central bank to act this week

Monetary policy moves to forefront in Japan

New PM committed to monetary easing and public spending

LDP victory boosts Japan energy companies

Investors anticipate new government may scrap nuclear phase out


Abe should take radicalism into power

Too timid a policy could alienate Japanese voters, writes Takatoshi Ito

Rightwing revival raises regional dilemmas

Result could raise tensions with China and S Korea

The World: Abe’s win will jangle nerves in Washington

LDP crushes rivals in Japanese poll

Abe’s mission to create ‘more normal’ nation

Dramatic victory gives LDP new lease of life

Restoration party emerges as ‘third force’

Firebrand leader Ishihara could raise tensions with China

The second coming of Japan’s Shinzo Abe

LDP expected to sweep to power after Sunday’s election

Victory is sweet revenge for former LDP leader

Party veteran Taro Aso set for role in new administration

Portrait of Japan’s main political parties

10 parties won seats in the 2012 election

Japanese voters disillusioned by politics

Attention falls short on people affected by tsunami

Japan dam debacle shows DPJ’s failings

U-turns over Yamba Dam highlight indecision of ruling DPJ

Japan tunnel collapse changes poll debate

Tragedy makes it acceptable for politicians to promise more spending

Japan’s ‘odd couple’ struggle to be heard

Ishihara and Hashimoto forging populist campaign

Japan enters recession before election

Contraction a blow to Noda ahead of vote

Family ties trump card in Japan elections

Networking power and family name count for a lot at election time

China looms large over Japanese poll

Critics argue Abe election would damage tense relations with Beijing

Japan’s opposition LDP ahead in surveys

Ten-year bond futures rise on expectations of further stimulus