2014 CES

With more than 3,200 exhibitors, the Consumer Electronics Show is the world’s biggest convention for gadgets, home electronics and other consumer technology. This year’s event takes place from January 7-10 in Las Vegas

Motor shows take back seat to tech expos

Manufacturers are turning to electronics events for big launches


Audi unveils its Sport Quattro Laserlight Concept car, which features laser headlights. The tech sector’s annual carnival increasingly welcomes groups from other sectors, as the use of technology spreads ©Getty
Overview of the technology industry’s annual gathering

The spam that came in through the cold

Hackers exploiting internet-connected fridges and TVs

Typo keyboard

Devices to enhance your smartphone

Gadgets that improve power, connectivity and usability

Nest Labs deal gives Google ‘smart home’ edge

The $3.2bn purchase adds to its collection of hardware businesses

AT&T leads charge into ‘connected’ cars

‘Car is becoming a smartphone on wheels’

Throw off the high-tech bracelets

We ask too much of technology and too little of ourselves

CES showcases the must-have extras in the race to fitness

Industry now looks to follow consumers on trends

Tech start-ups target digital healthcare

US Affordable Care Act changes industry landscape

Gadgets to help the aged

Alert services are helping older adults to live independently

CES 2014 Watch – January 9

The latest news and gadgets from the world’s biggest electronics show

Time for the Sony smartwatch

Has the technology been developed to turn this smartphone accessory into something more?

Digital films sales bolster Hollywood

New format takes off, reversing impact of falling DVD sales

Trash-talking on the internet of things

Once your appliances can talk to each other, it won’t be long before they bitch behind your back

CES 2014 in pictures

Overview of the technology industry’s annual gathering

CES 2014 Watch – January 8

Briefing file for the world’s biggest electronics show

Sony and Samsung: a study in contrasts

Groups reveal diverging paths at CES show in Las Vegas

Yahoo unveils new ad platforms

Sony plans US launch of ‘cloud’ TV service

Content to be delivered over the internet to TVs and PlayStations

BlackBerry chief eyes return to health

Chen expects smartphone maker to be profitable in 2016

Geeks add glamour to ‘internet of things’

Fashion nous joined to promotion of wearable gizmos

CES 2014 Watch – January 7

Briefing file for the world’s biggest electronics show

AT&T to roll out sponsored content

Intel throws weight behind wearable tech

Krzanich hopes to make up for poor position in smartphones

Cisco boss hails ‘internet of everything’

Connecting devices and people could deliver $19tn over 10 years

Sony eyes ‘modular’ wearable gadgets

Thumb-sized sensor and a ‘Life Logging’ service set for this year