2013 CES

The world’s largest consumer electronics show will host the launch of around 20,000 products, with 3,000 exhibitors displaying the latest consumer technology products and services in Las Vegas between January 8-11, 2013

Phones still the talk of the town in Vegas

Gadget creators have succumbed to the lure of the wireless

Dr Dre beats new paths in music

Market leader takes 40% of all US headphone sales

TV and phone makers scale up displays

Screen magnitude was the theme at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Japanese electronics go to Vegas

It is time for Sony, Panasonic and Sharp to start delivering on their promises

Qualcomm takes centre stage in Las Vegas

Mobile chipmaker unveils latest performance-enhancing sets

Mobile operators carve out key role

Verizon underscores role of internet technology

FCC to free up additional WiFi spectrum

Move by regulator to avoid a ‘traffic jam’

Panasonic considers closing units

Electronics maker approaches second $10bn loss in as many years

Illustration by Raymond Biesinger of a woman looking at a laptop
©Raymond Biesinger

Tablets a bitter pill for the PC world

Traditional computer makers turning into yield-heavy havens

Sony vows comeback with TV

Group tries to outdo Samsung with prototype

Apple flexes apps to put rivals in shade

Tech group asserts leadership with 20bn downloads in 2012

TV makers bet on bigger, brighter screens

Struggling industry hopes to dazzle with Ultra HD

Electronics show seeks to banish blues

Las Vegas gathering upbeat despite disappointing 2012 for devices

Pocket projectors with better images

New pico projectors are affordable and innovative enough to appeal to more consumers

Apple must plant its flag in living room

US technology group meant to remake TV in its own image in 2013