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Indonesia goes to the polls

The world’s third biggest democracy has voted in its presidential election, hot on the heels of parliamentary and local assembly polls last April. With 190m voters and more than 500,000 polling stations the elections have posed logistical challenges for the government

End impunity in Indonesia

Time to try killers of FT correspondent – and many others

Joko Widodo must not waste his mandate

The new leader has the chance to take the country to the next level


Ben Bland makes sense of one of the world’s most complicated elections
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Subianto to challenge Indonesia poll win

Defeated candidate to appeal against Widodo victory

Indonesia’s new leader faces five hurdles

Rupiah hits 2-month high after Widodo elected president

Rupiah rises after Widodo election win

Reformist Jakarta governor beats Prabowo Subianto in presidential poll

Indonesia’s election thrown into uncertainty

Subianto, predicted to have lost the poll, said he would reject the results

Indonesian techies crowdsource poll result

Tech experts say they have calculated an accurate result in 6 days

Democracy is riding on poll in Indonesia

The country has the opportunity to complete the transition from an authoritarian past

Election dispute tests Indonesia

Both Joko Widodo and Prabowo Subianto claim victory

Indonesia poll rivals swap rigging claims

Presidential candidates warn of threat to long official count

New president must push for change

Indonesia has a historic opportunity to go to next level

Q&A: Indonesia’s election deadlock

Candidates in two-horse race both claim victory, leaving country divided

Indonesia candidates both claim poll win

Widodo and Subianto each declare victory

Indonesia votes in poll cliffhanger

Winner of presidential election faces tough challenges

Nerves fray as Indonesia race tightens

Markets struggle as prospect of clear election winner fades

Indonesia’s Prabowo makes final poll push

Elite politicians rally around former general Prabowo Subianto

Jokowi positive despite squandering lead

Indonesia presidential frontrunner targets undecided voters

Indonesia: The political outsider

Many hope a victory for Joko Widodo in presidential elections will consolidate its young democracy and he will fix its finances

Indonesian strongman closes gap in poll

Prabowo’s fiery rhetoric draws popular support

Indonesia media barons in poll fight

Media owners could play a decisive role in the election

Indonesia presidency becomes two-horse race

Voters to choose between former Jakarta governor and a former general

Widodo’s party wins Indonesia election

Jakarta governor moves step closer to presidency

Jokowi fever highlights Indonesia’s vacuum

Jakarta governor’s rise hides lack of strong presidential candidates

Jokowi targets partners in ‘political safari’

Indonesian presidential favourite scrambles to find partners

Mixed Indonesia poll raises investor concerns

Five years of unwieldy government loom over SE Asia’s largest economy

Opposition set to win Indonesia election

Favourite leads but does less well than expected

‘Jokowi factor’ crucial in Indonesia voting

Popularity of presidential frontrunner to influence legislative election

Indonesian hopefuls jostle for supremacy

Poll contenders include three with Suharto links and one outsider

Indonesia wrestles with election logistics

Nation’s 186m voters spread over thousands of islands

Indonesia shines in post-tapering world

Investors pile in as election hopes fuel economic optimism