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Modi landslide

Narenda Modi and the Hindu nationalist BJP have secured a straight majority, the first such victory for a single party in three decades, leaving the Congress party nursing its worst defeat since independence more than 60 years ago

Narendra Modi sworn in as Indian PM

Tea-seller’s son becomes most powerful politician in a generation


India elections
Narendra Modi and his Hindu nationalist BJP have swept to power in the world’s largest democracy
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An Indian supporter of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi dances with a party flag in New Delhi on May 16, 2014. Narendra Modi closed in on a landslide victory in India's election as results showed him riding a wave of support for promises of jobs and development that has drowned out his past as a religious right-winger. AFP PHOTO/ROBERTO SCHMIDT (Photo credit should read ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images) ©AFP
India’s triumphant opposition promises good times ahead
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Indian voters pose with their voting slips as they stand in a line to cast their vote outside a polling station at Dabua village on the outskirts of Faridabad on April 10, 2014, during the third stage of voting for national elections in the northern state of Haryana. India's upstart anti-graft party faced a key test as the national capital voted in the first major phase of the country's marathon general elections. The third phase of voting began at 7:00 am (0130 GMT) in 91 constituencies, representing nearly a fifth of the 543-seat lower house, across the capital and 13 other states, including Maoist insurgency-hit eastern India.AFP PHOTO/ SAJJAD HUSSAINSAJJAD HUSSAIN/AFP/Getty Images ©AFP
In this week’s podcast, Gideon Rachman is joined by Victor Mallet and James Crabtree to discuss what we can expect from the Indian election
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Modi faces tough investment challenge

Array of hurdles suggests restarting projects could prove taxing

Modi needs miracle to meet investor hopes

India’s new government has limited room for economic manoeuvre

India hits reset in south Asia

Modi has wasted no time in shaping a new foreign policy

India: Modi’s moment

The Hindu nationalist has a unique opportunity to unite the world’s largest democracy

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India’s election remakes our world

Modi must accelerate economic progress to benefit the vast majority, not just the elites

Modi stirs emotion in parliamentary debut

India’s prime minister-elect offers olive branch to rivals

Modi woos allies for economic reform push

Prime minister-elect hopes to offset weak position in upper house

Indian equities: à la Modi

India’s political rally was a rare successful EM trade this year. Where next?

Modi rode wave of money to Indian victory

BJP leader swept to power on expensive high-tech campaign

India needs its Thatcher moment

The country’s new leader must now initiate institutional reforms, says Gurcharan Das

BJP win gives Congress ‘slap in the face’

Kejriwal looks for role in Modi’s India

Influence of anti-graft Common Man party to outweigh its four seats

Indians look to Modi for economic revival

Poll triumph raises hopes for a rapid recovery

Singh yields to triumphant Modi

BJP is on track to win overall majority in Indian election

Pockets of wariness in Modi’s home state

One area of Gujarat seemed subdued after new leader’s victory

India places its trust in Modi

New leader must use historic victory to implement reform

Modi’s victory is an electoral revolution

India’s poor and minority groups will be keeping a close watch, writes Ashutosh Varshney

Indian unity remains hard to achieve

Indian stocks surge as Modi heads for win

Early election results suggest victory for opposition leader

Modi sweeps to power in Indian election

Voters put their faith in BJP promises of an economic revival

Narendra Modi, outsider to lead India

The biggest challenge now will be to fulfil the expectations the BJP’s campaign has generated

Who is Narendra Modi?

Congress defeat dents Gandhi business

BJP landslide seen by some as end of dynastic politics

Live blog: India election results

Counting underway in the world’s largest election

Modi should listen to his better angels

The man set to lead India needs to prioritise development over his Hindu nationalist roots

IT-savvy army drives Modi’s campaign