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Scottish independence

In September 2014, Scotland goes to the polls. What will be the impact on finance, business and the economy if the Scots vote yes?

Scottish nationalists slam Cameron appeal

Unashamedly patriotic nature of PM’s speech was a political risk


FT experts debate the impact the vote is having

Report warns on Scottish currency union

A formal arrangement would ‘probably be unstable’

Cameron and the case for the union

Premier right to stress costs of break-up for whole of UK

Cameron tells Scots: ‘We want you to stay’

Prime minister launches personal campaign


Cameron in plea for Scots to keep union

Prime minister in dramatic change of tack

Scots’ vote threatens Labour poll hopes

Party would need 6% swing to govern UK without Scottish MPs

Alistair Darling
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Darling cites economy as pro-union weapon

Better Together head says independence would hit financial sector

Debate rages in Berwick-upon-Tweed

Scottish independence vote matters but town has no say

English make case for Britain’s break-up

Where is the admission that England has something to lose from Scotland’s departure?

Scots exit could destabilise N Ireland

Unionists fear constitutional question would reignite

Scottish independence: the 30 charts you need to know

Scottish vote will test UK’s credibility


Defence groups urged to back union

Executives told to stress Scots independence jobs threat

A broken union would unsettle N Ireland

Yes vote would open constitutional question at a delicate time

Cable: Independent Scots would lose RBS

Carrier contract embodies union’s links

Nationalists plan slimmed-down military for Scotland

Scots’ poll ‘could reopen’ Trident debate

Cost of new base threatens to make nuclear deterrent unaffordable

Anti-nuclear stance drove rise of SNP

Party remains implacably opposed to ‘immoral and obscene’ weapons

Tax warning for Scotch makers

Producers vulnerable to revenue-raising measures, says drinks body


BP chief heartens pro-union campaigners

‘Great Britain is great and ought to stay together,’ says Dudley

Independence can revive Scotland

A Yes vote offers Scots the chance to make their country better

Independent Scots to back immigration

Retailers review Scottish pricing

Independent Scots could pay more for goods, say retail executives

BP chief warns on North Sea uncertainty

Highest-profile executive to join Scotland debate

SNP foresees electricity market sharing

Scottish projects get 37% of funding under the UK scheme

Scottish campaign woos English and Welsh

Poll shows higher proportion say Scotland should go it alone

FT series: Day 3

Scottish fund managers fear break-up bill

Key sector would need new watchdogs under independence

Doubts remain on bank stakes and solvency

Bailing out RBS in 2008 cost more than 200 per cent of Scottish GDP

Scottish business divided on independence

Key issue is the effect on trade with the remaining UK

Everyone could lose from Scotland’s vote

If Scots catch the smell of fear drifting north, they may vote mischievously

FT series: Day 2

Spain promises non-interference on Scotland

Survey suggests a shift in momentum to the independence campaign

What happens next if Scotland votes Yes?

This September eurocrats may find they need a plan

Scottish nationalists look to Nordic model

Norway’s sovereign wealth fund has particular appeal to nationalists

Independence debate: Yes, Scotland?

Even pro-unionists accept that the country has all the ingredients to be a viable nation state

FT series: Day 1

Salmond digs in on pound and Scottish taxes

Salmond invokes the backing of ‘small folk’

First minister swats away big questions in bid for independence