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How the Euro Was Saved

In a four part series, Peter Spiegel recreates the events of 2011 and 2012 that forever changed Europe.

How the euro was saved

In the first of a series on the year that forever changed Europe, Peter Spiegel recreates the three days in November when the eurozone crisis hit its lowest point

Inside Europe’s Plan Z

How the euro was saved: In the second instalment of a series on the year that changed Europe, reveals how a secret strategy was developed to contain the firestorm from a Greek exit.

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‘If the euro falls, Europe falls’

How the euro was saved: In the third part of a series, Peter Spiegel examines Angela Merkel’s deft political moves that led to the end of the crisis

Eurozone now needs to win the peace

The acute phase of the crisis is over but underlying weaknesses remain, says Peter Spiegel

Peter Spiegel podcast

Podcast: A conversation with Peter Spiegel

In a special episode of the Analysis podcast, the FT’s Brussels bureau chief talks about his four-part series on the eurozone crisis, and answers a selection of reader questions from Greece, Lebanon, the Netherlands and the US