Deal on Greek rescue

Greece has caved in to an ultimatum from Germany and its other creditors and agreed to rush through long-resisted economic reforms in return for a third bailout

German parliament backs Greek bailout

Result opens door for immediate release of emergency funds

Comment and analysis

A torn Greek national flag flies from the roof of a building in Athens
Tsipras and Merkel have failed to admit hard truths to their voters
– FT View
Eurogroup Finance ministers meeting on Greece...epaselect epa04821210 International Monetary Fund managing director Christine Lagarde arrives at the start of a special Eurogroup Finance ministers meeting on Greece crisis, at the EU council headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, 27 June 2015. Greece's parliament started debating the government's planned referendum on the creditors' latest bailout proposal at an emergency session on 27 June. Greek voters will decide in a referendum whether their government should accept an economic reform package put forth by Greece's creditors, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announces. EPA/OLIVIER HOSLET ©EPA
After months of negotiations, the fund’s managing director hopes its stance on debt relief will be implemented
– Shawn Donnan
A torn Greek national flag flies from the roof of a building in Athens
Europe has been frightened into stepping back from the brink, writes Martin Sandbu
– Martin Sandbu

Dutch coalition faces Greek bailout vote

Anti-EU politician Geert Wilders to call ballot of MPs

Merkel under pressure over Greece vote

German chancellor faces growing rebellion over €86bn rescue

Merkel fights to contain Greece rebellion

Bundestag sceptics threaten blow to chancellor’s authority

Berlin signals go-ahead for Greek bailout

Sticking points include IMF role and bank recapitalisation

Bailout vote widens bitter Syriza split

Tsipras’s popularity remains undented by claims of betrayal

Greek MPs approve €85bn bailout plan

Marathon session sees 222 votes in favour of deal, 64 against

Brussels backs IMF over Greek debt relief

Pressure on Berlin to ease debts and support bailout

Germany criticises Greek bailout

Objections raised hours before Athens parliamentary debate

Greece concerns remain despite deal

Agreement faces hurdles to make it through parliaments

Greece strikes outline of debt deal

Berlin still reluctant to rush ahead with €86bn bailout agreement

Greece and creditors near €86bn accord

Tsipras concessions win over eurozone sceptics

GDP bonds answer to Greek debt problem

Move would lower burden without being unfair to other countries

Capital controls throttle Greek business

Small companies hit hard as government limits on funds paralyse imports

Athens stocks: Investors rush for exit

Traders crystallise their losses and avoid any more pain

Greek banks: Grecian burns

Creditors do not grasp the urgency of recapitalising Greek banks

Athens stock market falls on reopening

Sell-off hits as data show plunge in manufacturing activity

FT Explainer: Athens exchange reopening

Declines are eye-catching but investors have had time to adjust

Greek investors braced for market restart

Exchange predicted to fall in value after five-week closure

Investment in Greece grinds to near halt

Economic woes deter corporate investors

IMF cannot join Greek bailout, board told

Fund’s report raises fresh snags to financial rescue plans

Tsipras wins battle with Syriza far left

Central committee backs Greek PM’s call for September congress

Tsipras faces challenge from Syriza members

Hardline faction of ruling party prepares for showdown

The way to fix Greece is to fix the banks

Procyclical lending behaviour is causing the country’s depression

Varoufakis defends ‘Plan B’ tax hack

Greek opposition fury over scheme to set up parallel payments system

Bailout monitors raise doubts over Greece

Negotiators point to differences that remain with Athens

Greek bailout talks hit early snags

Athens restricts negotiators and delays start of discussions

Covert Syriza plan to revive the drachma

Arresting Greek central bank’s governor was one idea put forward

No sign yet of Greece’s finishing line

To buy Greek debt is to bet on recovery, but the risks are high

Greece restarts creditor talks in Athens

Return of negotiators to capital marks critical turning point in six-month stand-off