Athens seeks debt relief

After Syriza’s election victory on the back of promises to end bailout-driven austerity measures, new finance minister Yanis Varoufakis is facing resistance within the eurozone to Athens’ plans to tackle the country’s massive debt burden

Moscovici warns Greece to agree reforms

EU’s top economic official says there is no Plan B

Comment and analysis

The notion that the PM will execute a somersault, or ‘kolotoumba’ as Greeks call it, seems debatable
– Tony Barber
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Debt crises have distracted from the structural flaws and political challenges that imperil the euro
– Philip Stephens
IMF Go Home" on corrugated metal fencing outside the University of Athens in Athens, Greece
If Athens cannot deliver critical reforms, it better leave the eurozone, writes Reza Moghadam

Pressure mounts on Greek debt

July 2017 debt at highest yield since restructuring

Lagarde dashes Greek loan respite hopes

Varoufakis says Athens will not ‘extend and pretend’ on its debts

Berlin toughens its stance towards Greece

Trust hard to find as German political opinion hardens

IMF knocks Greek debt rescheduling hopes

Country’s officials make informal approach to delay repayments

Schäuble dashes Greek bailout deal hopes

German finance minister says ‘nobody expects solution’

Greek short-term bond yields rise sharply

Intensified selling as Athens readies default contingency plans

Greece debt crisis

Greece prepares debt default options

Athens to withhold €2.5bn due to IMF if no deal is reached

IMF Go Home" on corrugated metal fencing outside the University of Athens in Athens, Greece

Greeks repay IMF €450m as cash runs out

Bond yields slide amid investor relief over payment

Southern states sure of surviving Grexit

Italy, Portugal and Spain say low bond yields show there is no threat

Greece sells short-term bills and raises €1bn

Further debt hurdles ahead as IMF payments fall due

Athens ekes out cash to end of the month

Sovereign default looms without eurozone deal by April 24

Spectre of Grexit back as cash runs out

Going will be hard for Athens, no matter which way it turns

Greece falling short of final debt deal

Syriza administration is running out of cheap money and good ideas

Athens’ soft fruit ploy set to antagonise EU

European diplomats concerned over Greek PM’s visit to Moscow

Eurozone anger with Athens intensifies

Finance ministers want Greek premier to jettison Syriza far left

Varoufakis to discuss Greek reforms with IMF chief

Athens denies it is prioritising wages and pensions over cuts

Greece sends new reform list to eurozone

26-page list is most comprehensive effort to unlock bailout cash

A mishap should not seal Greece’s fate

An accidental eurozone exit is quite likely

German MP quits in Greek bailout revolt

Resignation underlines unease over rescues in chancellor’s conservative bloc

Greece battles to unlock bailout cash

Labour and pension reforms missing from Athens’ proposals

Greek exit fears climb eurozone agenda

Quantitative easing ‘artificially’ masks pain, says economist

Greece to pay pensions . . . for this month

No assurances about €450m payment to IMF due on April 9

Data show Greek bank run loomed before deal

Withdrawals pick up again over financial fears and ‘Grexit’ risk

Understanding Greece

Draw the right lessons from past mistakes and current stand-off

Greece cash crisis takes turn for worse

Athens told it has no legal claim on €1.2bn for Greek bank recapitalisation fund

Athens raids public health coffers

Greek government ‘a minute from midnight’, says analyst

Q&A: As Greece and creditors squabble, cash is running out

EU authorities that could bail it out are refusing to do so

Merkel pressed to act tough over Greece

German chancellor to meet Alexis Tsipras in Berlin

Tsipras warns Merkel of ‘impossible’ debt

Concerns mount Athens could run out of cash in April