Athens seeks debt relief

After Syriza’s election victory on the back of promises to end bailout-driven austerity measures, new finance minister Yanis Varoufakis is facing resistance within the eurozone to Athens’ plans to tackle the country’s massive debt burden

Greece in talks for bailout of up to €50bn

Luis de Guindos, Spanish economy minister

De Guindos says no alternative to solidarity

Comment and analysis

Birds fly past the Acropolis in Athens o...Birds fly past the Acropolis in Athens on February 19, 2015. Greece asked its EU creditors for six-month loan assistance, pledging to respect fiscal balance but rejecting further austerity, a government source said. AFP PHOTO / LOUISA GOULIAMAKILOUISA GOULIAMAKI/AFP/Getty Images ©AFP
There has rarely been a period when it is more urgent for Europeans to work together
– Gideon Rachman
Greece's new finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, and his German counterpart, Wolfgang Schaeuble ©AFP
Athens and the eurogroup must improve the way they negotiate
– FT View
There are creative solutions to the fiscal fight that now matters the most, writes Wolfgang Münchau

Greece told to start reforms to gain cash

Negotiator Dijsselbloem lays out conditions for emergency funds

How Dijsselbloem did the Greek deal

Eurogoup finance chief describes a turbulent month of talks

Bundestag backs Greek bailout extension

Protesters in Athens demonstrate against Syriza deal

Lagarde shows tough love to Greece

Painful experience seen to have damaged institution’s credibility

Greece — one hurdle cleared, more to come

Deal may have spared risk of bank runs but plenty of risks loom

German MPs urged to be tough with Greece

Business lobby’s warning reflects doubts about extended bailout

A closer look at Athens’ proposed reforms

Pledges resemble those made by previous finance ministers

Trichet warns on Grexit dangers

Former ECB chief says EU would be ‘shocked’ despite new policy tools

Eurozone approves Greek reform proposal

IMF and ECB raise concerns over new plan

Eurogroup call raises hope for Greek deal

‘Constructive’ talks lead to invitation for conference call

Greece scrambles to send draft reforms

Athens must spell out measures it will take to meet rescue conditions

Monitors to review Athens’ reform list

Just how much wiggle room does Syriza have?

Greek prime minister’s statement

Official English version of Alexis Tsipras’s statement

Finance chiefs draw up Greek bailout text

Communiqué must now be approved by all 19 ministers

Greek bailout extension deal agreed

Tsipras warns of tough times as four-month grace period leaves reform details undecided

‘Aegina gang’ holds key to euro crisis

Alexis Tsipras’s web of friendships could play defining role

Schäuble sets stage for Athens showdown

Greek crisis tests eurozone’s stability and Berlin’s EU leadership

Eurozone to weigh Greek bailout request

Officials indicate they are cool to Athens’ eleventh-hour proposals

Greek banks pin hopes on political accord

Regulators say sector will stay afloat if deal found soon

Greece to request bailout extension

Eurozone finance ministers already spurned Moscovici plan

ECB weighs pulling plug on Greek banks

Governing council to review emergency loans

Distrust hampers race for Greece deal

Varoufakis willing to yield but not on terms acceptable to Berlin

Greece bailout talks collapse in acrimony

Athens strongly objects to bailout extension

Gap yawns between Greece and creditors

Athens faces day of reckoning at crunch finance talks in Brussels

Impose capital controls in Greece

The resemblance to Cyprus is worrying and cannot be repeated

Ireland takes hard line on Greece

Dublin says no EU state should expect special concessions

Athens must stand firm on failed policies

The riskiest option would be a formal exit from the currency union

Eurozone ministers to revisit Greek debt

Data watchers also to study latest minutes from Federal Reserve and Bank of England

Showdown looms for EU and Greece

Athens and creditors seek to define differences ahead of crunch talks