After almost 11 hours of talks in Brussels, eurozone finance ministers and the IMF have agreed to a range of measures to restructure Greece’s debts when its €86bn bailout ends in 2018

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Greece reaches breakthrough debt deal

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Slow grind towards debt relief for Greece

Eurozone creditor governments need to give Athens more fiscal room

IMF pushes debt interest cap for Greece

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Greece agrees fiscal steps for debt talks

Tsipras pushes through €1.8bn package of indirect tax increases

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EU buyout of €14bn in loans discussed

Berlin seeks Greece deal with IMF

Schäuble wants to delay debt relief until 2018

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Proposal for Athens to delay bailout payments to be discussed

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Berlin opens way to Greek debt relief talks

Eurozone finance ministers hail move to break impasse threatening IMF role in €86bn bailout

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Juncker says Athens has “basically achieved” all of its reforms

Greece approves pension and tax reforms

Heated two-day debate in parliament ahead of €86bn bailout review

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Letter from Lagarde calls for negotiations on debt relief

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