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After almost 11 hours of talks in Brussels, eurozone finance ministers and the IMF have agreed to a range of measures to restructure Greece’s debts when its €86bn bailout ends in 2018

What is the message from Greece’s bond market?

Greece crisis
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European flag and flag of Greece, translucent one Euro coin

The small size makes it difficult for investors to decipher

Eurogroup hails progress with IMF on Greek debt deal

After clashes this month, two sides decide to send teams back to Athens

Greece crisis
ID 53515664 © Kehli01 |
European flag and flag of Greece, translucent one Euro coin

Eurozone set to miss deadline for Greek deal

Brussels still at odds with IMF, pushing rescue tussle into election season

Do not blame the euro simply because it’s there

The core mistake in eurozone policy was the unwillingness to restructure debts in 2010

Greece and policy-based evidence

‘Sustainability’ is less important than growth

Greece is as sick as ever and its agony goes on

Medical metaphors are all too appropriate when summing up the years in the eurozone

Greece plans to appoint Rothschild as debt adviser

Athens seeks to end long-running creditor stand-off and avert default

Failure to tell the truth leaves Greece in peril

If the IMF pulls out, Europe will be free to mismanage the crisis on its own

Tsipras warns IMF and Germany over bailout talks

Greek prime minister says negotiators ‘playing with fire’ for domestic gain

Pressure on Greece eases after debt partners meet

Negotiators try to bridge differences over Athens bailout

Greek bonds sell off sharply as EU-IMF rift deepens

Eurozone officials scramble to bridge differences as Athens’ €7bn debt payment looms

Conflict over Athens’ surplus needles the IMF

The fund must overrule the self-interest of its European members

Greece’s debt is sustainable through solidarity

IMF analysis ignores what sets eurozone members apart from other countries

Why is the eurozone back in crisis over Greece?

Athens faces another big debt payment and eurozone politics makes relief impossible

Greek bailout rift deepens between IMF and eurozone

Eurogroup finance chief criticises fund for gloomy view of Athens growth

IMF board split over bailout terms for Greece

Stand-off with EU over ‘explosive’ debt path leads to public display of division

Greece faces ‘explosive’ surge in public debt

Athens will owe three times national GDP unless given debt relief, says leaked report

France warns ‘window is closing’ for Greek bailout

Finance minister Michel Sapin fears time running out for decision on €86bn scheme

A Greek tragedy: how much can one nation take?

Greece’s economic crisis has disappeared from the minds of many in Europe, but inside the country, the pain is only getting worse

Greece: A question of independence

Is Syriza cracking down on the country’s institutions or upending vested interests?

Tsipras walks tightrope of reform

The leader of the leftwing Syriza party is paying the price for his embrace of capitalism

Greece’s creditors are divided on prospects for recovery

IMF and EU diverge both on forecasts and prescriptions

Why the debt drama has no end in sight

Tony Barber says an unforeseen event may be what it takes to break the impasse

Interview with Greek central bank chief

Yannis Stournaras on his approach to tackling logjam of delinquent loans

Greek banks fight to rebuild lending capacity

Reforms include speeding up foreclosures and combating ‘strategic’ defaults by borrowers

Hollande wades into Greek bailout spat

French president’s intervention signals a Franco-German split over debt relief freeze

IMF and EU policymakers take Greece spat online

War of words breaks out between officials over austerity measures

Moscovici takes aim at IMF claims on Greek bailout

EU economics chief warns against ‘politically impossible’ demands

Greece cannot be condemned to austerity forever

Myths about the country’s rescue package must be confronted

Bailout chiefs suspend Greek debt-relief measures

Move underlines frustration among EU partners over Athens’ spending commitments