Corporation tax

As the G20 pledges to crack down on multinational tax avoidance, the Financial Times looks at how and why governments help companies reduce their tax burden.

Starbucks moves Europe HQ to London

Relocation means coffee chain will pay more tax

NY watchdog deepens Credit Suisse probe

Extra information subpoenaed from Swiss bank

Tax thread runs through pharma deals

Appetite for ‘inversions’ rose after US plan to tighten domicile rules

Comment highlights

OECD highlights need to modernise outdated systems
– Editorial
G8 leaders must continue their work beyond the summit
– Editorial
There is too much focus on noise in markets and not enough to operational performance
– John Kay

OECD denies bias in new tax rules

States would not be able to route profits to tax heavens

Three EU court win is £1bn blow to HMRC

Mobile phone company can offset tax to other UK group businesses

Caterpillar probe shifts focus to tax code

Senators question investigation into machinery maker

Caterpillar accused of ‘shifting’ profits

Senator says Swiss affiliate was used to defer or avoid $2.4bn in taxes

Caterpillar faces US grilling over tax

Senators set to interrogate executives over use of loopholes

Fifth of UK big businesses pay no tax

Revenue hit by rising costs of relief, says NAO report

EU widens tax sweeteners probe

Luxembourg ordered to reveal promises made to specific companies

UK backs global overhaul of tax rules

Draft measures are sector’s equivalent of Big Bang reforms, says expert

Dougan issues Credit Suisse tax defence

Bank chief pushes back against findings of Senate investigation

Credit Suisse chief to testify about taxes

Dougan to appear before US Senate subcommittee

HMRC challenges business over accounting

Tax at stake in disputes jumps 57% to £442m

Murdoch wins A$880m Australia tax battle

News Corp victorious in fight over A$2bn in forex losses

Global tax standard attracts 42 countries

Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, Jersey sign up for evasion crackdown

VAT shake-up to hit e-commerce industry

Competitive edge of operating offshore will be reduced

Hodge hits out at tax reform failure

Government shows insufficient spine, says watchdog

Big groups’ corporation tax revenues drop

Historic shift makes national insurance the top charge

Call for higher tax on Google in Israel

Lawmakers draft royalties bill on search groups

Tax changes against tech groups ‘not viable’

UK crackdown on digital companies to be dropped

Revenue gets tough on big companies

Three-quarters of big groups point to more aggressive HMRC stance

HMRC fails to chase multinationals, say MPs

Revenue accused of losing its nerve over tax prosecutions

Vodafone cuts its tax bill by a fifth

Group’s report seeks to justify reduction

Vodafone backs tax transparency

Director says responsible businesses have nothing to fear