Corporation tax

As the G20 pledges to crack down on multinational tax avoidance, the FT looks at the issues surrounding corporate taxation and why governments are willing to help companies reduce their tax burden

Google tells MPs: ‘We are paying 20% tax’

Tech group answers questions on £130m HMRC deal

EU accused of anti-US bias in tax probe

Treasury secretary warns ‘unfair’ inquiry casts cloud on investment

Business braced for cuts to prized tax breaks

Changes on debt interest will raise hundreds of millions a year

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A lurch from one response to another after each scandal is unacceptable, writes Judith Freedman
The logo of Google Inc. is seen on display during a press conference in New Delhi on December 16, 2015. / AFP / Chandan Khanna (Photo credit should read CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP/Getty Images) ©AFP
A remedy is available for these tax issues — revive the Advance Corporation Tax
– Jonathan Ford
Ingram Pinn illustration ©Ingram Pinn
A fiscal system formed under the League of Nations in 1928 is about to fracture and fall apart
– John Gapper

Global companies face EU tax crackdown

Plan calls for country-specific breakdown of profits and taxes

Ministers urged to be transparent on tax deals

HMRC expected to struggle to defend Google deal in this week’s hearing by MPs

Foreign groups to lose Polish ‘privilege’

New government taxes are aimed at overseas banks and supermarkets

Corporate tax system is ‘decaying’

Osborne hears more criticism over Google settlement

US lawmakers slam ‘hostile’ EU tax drive

Europe accused of unfairly targeting Apple and Amazon

Osborne backs push for tax transparency

Big companies urged to be more open following Google furore

US blasts Brussels over tax probe bias

EU accused of targeting funds owed to American Treasury

Google pact: HMRC not ‘busy cutting deals’

Institute for Fiscal Studies steps into row over settlement

How 6-year Google saga ended in uproar

£130m tax deal Osborne called a ‘major success’ has come under fire

Cruz looks to Estonia for tax tips

Presidential candidate wants to lower US rates to a single tier

Europe sets out tax avoidance curbs

Brussels seeks to close loopholes estimated to cost €70bn a year

Google and Apple hit back on EU tax deals

Call for Brussels’ probe could drag antitrust chief into row

EU to examine Google’s UK tax deal

Concerns raised that agreement constitutes illegal state aid

Google faces tax headaches across Europe

Technology group yet to settle cases in France and Italy

Cameron hits back over Google tax deal

Labour government had worse record on extracting taxes, says PM

Experts probe Google UK tax payment

Settlement raises questions about how much Treasury gets

Facebook resists UK attempts to claim back-tax

Social media site being audited by HMRC

Tax specialists say Google deal is opaque

Experts demand more details be made public

Backlash builds against Google tax deal

Downing Street distances itself from Osborne’s ‘major success’

Moody’s cut taxes with restructurings

Elaborate but lawful moves in focus on both sides of Atlantic

EU clamps down on corporate tax avoidance

Moscovici to set out plans to curb practices after ‘LuxLeaks’

Apple’s Cook lobbies EU over tax threat

Chief seeks to stave off bill for billions underpaid in Ireland