Corporation tax

As the G20 pledges to crack down on multinational tax avoidance, the Financial Times looks at how and why governments help companies reduce their tax burden.

Osborne goes after offshore evaders

Revenue & Customs to mount tax crackdown

Democrats move to punish tax ‘deserters’

Bill denies federal contracts to companies that redomicile

Contractors given six months to pay tax

HMRC offers ‘settlement opportunity’ in £430m dispute

Comment highlights

The US has the highest number of millionaire households
Better a big reform than quixotic appeals to patriotism
– Editorial
Delay in US tax reform penalises America and the world
– Editorial
OECD highlights need to modernise outdated systems
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Google UK pays £20.4m corporation tax

Country accounts for $5.6bn of internet group’s revenues

Special unit nets £1bn more tax from rich

HMRC beats compliance yield target over five years

Tax avoidance scheme hit list published

Investors to get upfront tax demands totalling billions

Celebrity investors face tax crackdown

Film financier clients face big bills in HMRC move

Amazon embroiled in EU tax crackdown

Brussels to examine ‘what kind of arrangement Luxembourg has’

Glencore reveals Australian tax payments

Trader says it paid A$400m in corporate income tax

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls talks to the Financial Times athis office in the House of Commons on Tuesday
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Labour to pledge rise in corporate tax

Balls looks at tax to equalise treatment of debt and equity finance

Balls plans crackdown on tax avoidance

Labour would close loophole used to move profits to tax havens

Tax avoidance drive to spark litigation

Tens of thousands in avoidance schemes to get demands to pay up

Australia imposes rich tax to tackle debt

Levy of 2% on those earning at least A$180,000 a year

‘Golden age’ of tax planning under threat

FT reviews US multinationals’ offshore cash holdings

Dublin grows jittery over EU tax probe

Apple case highlights use of transfer pricing to reduce taxation

US tech and pharma park cash offshore

Just 14 top groups hold $500bn overseas to cut tax

EU puts spotlight on national tax deals

Commission investigates whether rulings broke state aid rules

Playing fair on corporate tax

The European Commission is right to look into multinationals’ affairs

EU tax probe into Apple, Starbucks and Fiat

EU to probe Apple’s Irish tax affairs

Move by Brussels is part of widening global crackdown on avoidance

Corporate tax escape trick set to backfire

Households have borne brunt of austerity

Abe gets green light to cut corporate tax

US companies warn on foreign tax threat

Business Roundtable lobbies Jack Lew over planned crackdown

EU calls for reform of digital tax rules

Case for pan-European corporate system is “even stronger”

AstraZeneca and the public interest

Arguments against Pfizer’s offer are misdirected; the tax case for the deal is compelling, says Tony Jackson