Corporation tax

As the G20 pledges to crack down on multinational tax avoidance, the Financial Times looks at how and why governments help companies reduce their tax burden.

CBI urges restraint in tax crackdown

Business lobby hopes UK still a ‘territory of choice’ post-reform

Taxing times trouble low-rate Zug

Financial blows force Swiss canton to consider upward nudge

Juncker denies Luxembourg tax deals link

MEPs give European Commission chief light grilling over scandal

Comment highlights

Margrethe Vestager, EU Commissioner for Competition, and four of the companies facing scrutiny: Fiat, Amazon, Apple and Starbucks ©FT Montage
Test case rulings will cut to the heart of corporations’ arrangements and could lead to fines worth billions
– Christian Oliver
epa04471245 A Starbucks coffee shop in Burlington, Massachusetts, USA, 31 October 2014. Starbucks stocks fell 3.1 per cent in premarket trading following the reporting of 4th quarter results. EPA/CJ GUNTHER ©EPA
Vow to make tax competition fairer could be precursor to more harmonised tax regime across Europe
– Sarah Gordon
Think that multinationals can do as they like on tax? Think again
– Merryn Somerset Webb

Juncker to avoid Luxembourg tax grilling

Commission president to appear before MEPs probing corporate tax

Chancellor, George Osborne, leaves Downing street to deliver the budget today.
©Charlie Bibby

UK could be branded tax haven after cut

Many governments are trying to halt lower business rates trend

EU seeks countries’ tax ruling details

Campaign against avoidance by multinationals steps up

Pan-European tax plan dismissed

Direct taxation seen as a matter for individual member states

Brussels seeks EU-wide corporate tax base

Reform would need support from all 28 member countries

Amazon tax probe to go ahead, EU warns

Decision to report sales will have no bearing on inquiry

HMRC nets £1.1bn from multinational probes

Officials reap revenue from more transfer-pricing investigations

SNP drops corporation tax cut goal

Sturgeon drops signature business-friendly policy

Cut tax on UK companies further, says IFS

Think-tank calls for incentives to boost levels of investment

McDonald’s linked to EU tax scandal

Fast-food group accused of avoiding €1bn of taxes

‘I am not a martyr,’ says tax whistleblower

Deltour faces jail for leaking 28,000 pages of documents

Corporate tax reform limited, says study

Osborne failing in competitiveness ambition, analysis shows

US multinationals attack UK’s Google tax

Crackdown seen as a danger to British inward investment

Brussels to probe Belgium tax deals

Commission argues excess profit rulings violate state aid laws

Luxembourg drops secret tax list fight

EU Commission widens probe and asks all member states to reveal deals

‘Sweetheart’ tax deal inquiry checks Juncker

MEPs seek probe into state-facilitated tax avoidance across the EU

How Luxembourg reeled in Silicon Valley

Chill wind blows through country that opened its doors to the world