Off roaders driving sales

The show’s 85th edition will bear witness to the the rise of the sport utility vehicle over the past decade, reflecting a substantial shift in consumer preference away from the saloon

Bentley and Aston Martin shift gears

Luxury carmakers launch models that encroach on rival territory

Toyota says Russia will stay profitable

Carmaker focuses on mass premium vehicles

Off-roaders reach new peaks as market shifts

Marques from Rolls-Royce to China’s Qoros tap a yearning for bigger vehicles

Neville Williams.Birmingham.23/2/15.Financial Times. Story Ref : Andy Sharman Andy Palmer, chief executive of Aston Martin pictured at the Aston Martin, Gaydon, Warwickshire.
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Andy Palmer: Aston Martin’s repair man

Local lad who returned after hitting ‘Ghosn ceiling’ at Nissan

Aston Martin to target new buyers

Prestige carmaker seeks to attract women and younger people

Volvo cuts back shows and sponsorship

Carmaker in rethink over industry’s traditional marketing practices

2014 Show

Auto industry ponders robot-car liability

Push for self-driving cars raises questions of responsibility

WOLFSBURG, GERMANY - FEBRUARY 25: Volkswagen logos sit on the assembly line producing new Volkswagen Golf 7 cars at the Volkswagen factory on February 25, 2013 in Wolfsburg, Germany. Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft announced its key financial data for fiscal year 2012 with sales revenue of EUR 192.7 billion, against the prior year of EUR 159.3 billion. The Group's operating profit of EUR 11.5 billion exceeded the prior-years record level. (Photo by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images)

VW faces emerging market slowdown

Brazil sales fall 13% and India is down 19%

Brand neglect invites the elephant into the showroom

Andrew Hill looks at the Opel chief’s new metaphor for reputation management

Hyundai hopes new model Sonata is a smash

Carmaker rejuvenates offering with a series of vehicle launches

Change culture call by Peugeot chief

French carmaker plans to increase sourcing from China

Opel tries to fix ‘red elephant’ problem

GM halved losses in Europe and Opel gained market share

Ford warns on Brics overcapacity

China apart, growth in emerging markets has turned negative

Toyota Europe pulls ahead of rivals

Profits in April to December up by 56% to €327m

Carmakers head back to the drawing board

More than 20 concept cars set to be unveiled in Geneva

Carmakers look to turn corner at Geneva

Data suggest industry has reason to be optimistic

Hyundai to test Europe’s taste for luxury

Carmaker targeting new segment as it looks to increase margins

Apple iOS for Ferrari, Volvo and Mercedes cars

Tech group software to be embedded in luxury marques in race to dominate tomorrow’s smart cars