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Latest news and analysis from the 49th edition of the biennial aerospace trade fair that celebrates 100 years of aviation during this year’s public air show, with aircraft from the First World War to the present day

Airbus trumps rivals at Farnborough

Group secures deals worth $75bn for passenger jets

Aerospace industry wins £154m for research

Four projects will include 3D printing of aircraft parts

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The price of aerospace innovation is too high

The Wright Brothers were not motivated by a desire to save fuel when they took to the skies

Emirates calls on Airbus to revamp A380

Largest customer wants more efficient engines

Test Flight
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F35 Farnborough trip halted after engine fire

Advanced fighter stays in US after accident

AirAsia X to buy 50 A330 Neo planes

Airbus says order endorses its decision to revamp aircraft

Anglo-French military drone plans boosted

UK and France step up co-operation on project

US still ‘hopeful’ on F-35 after fire

First international flight to Farnborough in jeopardy

The new Airbus A350 takes off for its maiden flight at the Toulouse-Blagnac airport in southwestern France...The new Airbus A350 takes off for its maiden flight at the Toulouse-Blagnac airport in southwestern France June 14, 2013. Europe's newest passenger jet, the Airbus A350, successfully began its maiden flight on Friday. Watched by over 10,000 employees and spectators, the sleek jet with curled wingtips took off from Airbus's Toulouse plant under cloudy skies, with a crew of six wearing parachutes and orange jumpsuits and with tonnes of test equipment on board

Airbus undercuts Boeing with A330 Neo price

Enders says not risking price war

Airbus unveils revamped A330 airliner

Neo features more fuel-efficient engines

Airbus to launch new A330 jet

New version to feature more fuel-efficient engines

Jetmakers braced for slowdown in orders

There are increasing signals that airlines, on the back of the economic recovery, are expanding their fleets too quickly

F35 Farnborough doubt highlights questions

Lockheed Martin focuses on further development

Jet engine makers take tech fight to the skies

Airbus to step up challenge to Boeing

Chief hints at overhaul of popular A330 aircraft