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Europe votes

Anti-European parties on the right and the left made big gains in elections for the new European Parliament in countries such as the UK, France and Greece. The mainstream centre-right European People’s Party emerged as the biggest grouping

Cameron opposes Tusk for senior EU job

UK and Polish premiers have clashed over migration reforms

European Parliament

EU hemicycle interactive
Composition of the new parliament
PARIS, FRANCE - MAY 25: French far-right Front National (FN) party president Marine Le Pen arrives to deliver a speech after the victory of her party in the European Elections on May 25, 2014 in Nanterre, France. France's far-right National Front wins European Parliament elections in France with around 25 percent of the vote. (Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images) ***BESTPIX*** ©Getty
Leaders to jockey for power after EU poll
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The confusing contest for the EU’s top jobs

Three major roles and make-up of commission up for grabs

Fiery Juncker rises above doubters’ jeers

Former Luxembourg PM elected European Commission president

Juncker opposes ‘United States of Europe’

EC president-designate grilled by MEPs

Britain left isolated by Juncker defeat

Swedish prime minister offers to ‘walk the extra mile’ to keep strategic ally in EU

Juncker nominated for top EU job

Former Luxembourg PM gets backing of 26 heads of state

The summit that will go down in history

Europe’s political party groups are on a roll

Cameron overplays Juncker opposition

Prime minister’s motives in opposing Luxembourger mistrusted by EU partners

Merkel set to limit Juncker fallout

German chancellor acts to avoid UK isolation

Allies abandon Cameron ahead of summit

British PM nearly alone in opposition to Juncker

Voters back Cameron’s Juncker stance

Poll suggests PM will benefit even if he loses EU fight

Juncker’s style stirs doubt over top EU job

Dealmaking tactics spark reticence among backers

Renzi likens EU to ‘old boring aunt’

Italian prime minister lays out aims for European presidency

Le Pen fails to form EU political group

French National Front loses out on taxpayer funding

Cameron prepares to force Juncker vote

PM warns appointment risks ‘dangerous precedent’

Q&A: The Juncker fight and why it matters

The bitter dispute over the next leader of the European Commissioner

Farage forecasts Cameron EU humiliation

Ukip leader predicts ‘embarrassing defeat’ over Juncker

A tawdry deal on jobs will hurt Europe

Whatever questions the EU asks, Mr Juncker is not an answer

Farage taps EU taxpayers to form bloc

Merkel urged to back down on Juncker

Patten says choice of EU boss should be reached by consensus

Germany seeks to avoid clash at Ypres

Scramble to avert PR disaster in row over Jean-Claude Juncker

Pressure on Italy’s Renzi over EU top job

Italian prime minister urged to ‘get off the fence’ over Juncker

Cameron faces setback over Juncker

Merkel to push for prompt appointment to curtail EU dispute

Farage’s Five Star moment

Things are looking up for Ukip in the wacky world of European parliament group building, writes Alex Barker

Cameron asks for ‘courage’ in opposing Juncker

Cameron’s allies align with Merkel’s foes

Group’s vote to embrace German AfD is blow for PM

Cameron heads for fresh rift with Merkel

UK Tories look set to form alliance with anti-euro German party

Cameron plots risky course on Juncker

Some may be inclined to see PM’s threat as a kind of blackmail

Merkel warns Cameron over top EU job

Cameron seeks backing to block Juncker

PM urges fellow leaders to ‘stand up and be counted’

Swedes hit Juncker’s hopes for top EU job

Premier Reinfeldt rejects parliament making choice

Juncker row reveals Germany’s ire at UK

Merkel must overcome domestic opposition to aid Cameron

Lagarde rules herself out of top EU job

IMF chief says she has a role and is not looking to move

Juncker refuses to ‘give in’ to Cameron

Frontrunner to be European Commission chief seeks coalition

Does Christine Lagarde want the job?