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European Manufacturing

How well have Europe’s manufacturers survived the eurozone crisis and are they fit to face Asian and US competition?

FT Series: Day four

Worrying future for innovation in Europe

Region’s share of global manufacturing and R&D spending falling

BSH innovates to keep on expanding

Company spends liberally on R&D on its own account

Producers profit from customer service

Manufacturers are placing more focus on customer productivity

EU opportunities for cash-rich companies

Crisis in Europe creates opportunities for cash-rich companies

FT Series: Day Three

Skilled workforce boosts Italian groups

Successful companies keep manufacturing tradition alive

Brussels called on to support innovators

A commissioner says flexible budgetary rules are essential

Central Europe must focus on invention

Industry lost to emerging markets must be recaptured elsewhere

Spanish crisis takes toll on car sales

Despite policies to boost production there are fears it will still decline

FT Series: Day Two

Industrial SMEs face battle to get loans

Large groups borrow at record lows, but smaller rivals struggle

Turbomeca helicopter engine being made at their plant in Bordes, France

Turbomeca’s lesson for French industry

FT series: Are Europe’s manufacturers fit to face Asian and US competition?

High energy costs put Europe in slow lane

US gas prices a quarter of Europe’s, electricity 50% lower

FT Series: Day One

Europe’s manufacturers caught in a vice

Industry in doldrums as rivals ratchet up pressure

Alarm over skills shortage in Europe

FT Series: European industrialists fear threat to competitiveness

US manufacturers cautious on Europe

Glimmers of hope follow cost-cutting

European Manufacturing: Background News

Berlin warns EU over solar tariffs stance

Comments come week before Chinese premier visits Germany

UK car manufacturing rises 17% in April

Industry remains bright spot in British economy

Mittal seeks Europe-China trade barriers

Steelmaker attacks austerity policies that stifle demand

Mixed Volvo earnings reveal wider trend

Weak sales come with signs that bottom has been hit

UK trails in march of the robots

Cost is one factor holding back UK manufacturers

Talk of manufacturing-led recovery optimistic

Strength of car sector merely the exception that proves the rule

French carmakers diverge on cost-cutting

Renault and Peugeot’s future rests on two pillars

UK car industry optimism requires caution

Caterpillar to cut 1,400 jobs in Belgium

US manufacturer says downsizing necessary due to eurozone economy

German carmakers extend lead in Europe

Common currency provides ‘enormous gains’ in competitiveness

Manufacturers start year on solid footing

Global economy threat from eurozone crisis receding