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Unmanned aerial vehicles

The FT investigates the race to unlock the commercial potential of unmanned aircraft or drones, looking at who makes them, who is buying them and the sums of money involved

FT series: Day 3

Start-ups in drones technology revolution

3DRobotics Drone

Silicon Valley-style entrepreneurs take on aerospace companies

Quadcopters fly in a legal grey area

Hobbyists have fuelled a growing market for small drones

FT series: Day 2

Drones enjoy powerful political backing

FT series: The drone economy

FT series: Day 1

Soaring US drone market under fire

$5bn industry hit by privacy worries in commercial use

Drone future: Eyes in the sky

The opening of US air space to drones has the potential to create a $12bn industry

Great and small: the many types of drone

Drones come in many shapes and sizes and can be used for military and civilian purposes

3D Robotics’ drone ambitions take off

Pioneer raises $30m in funding to focus on commercial uses

Conoco in landmark Alaska drone flight

Oil group notches up commercial first in US-controlled airspace

Commercial drone makers spy opening

Segregated airspace for testing big craft

BAE's Taranis

Technology: Development of autonomous UAVs raises ethical questions

Opposition grows to unmanned jets that can make decisions, writes Carola Hoyos

Drones: Delay over ground rules hampers civilian progress

Big potential for non-military use means the race is on for a workable flight-safety certification process for UAVs, writes Carola Hoyos

Aerospace trio pushes for European drone