NAIAS 2014

The 25th edition of the largest and most important annual showcase for US carmakers will see more than 500 vehicles on display and feature almost 2,000 companies from the industry

Motor shows take back seat to tech expos

Manufacturers are turning to electronics events for big launches

Smart car technology takes a back seat

Manufacturers focus on driving experience at Detroit Auto Show

Ford’s aluminium move rattles steelmakers

Lighter F150 pick-up unveiled in shake-up to industry

Ford says more cars are not the answer

Group eyes bigger role in integrating cities’ transport systems

Stricter rules fuel car efficiency drive

US carmakers take new approaches to economy challenge

Mercedes in talks with Infiniti over SUVs

Premium carmakers look at shared vehicle platform

Sporty Toyota highlights rebrand efforts

Detroit show highlights intensifying race to win buyers

BMW and Toyota to develop sports car

New vehicle could be powered by hybrid engine

Fiat-Chrysler eyes US home and listing

Access to NY capital markets a key consideration, chief says

Big Auto revs up R&D to record levels

Technological advances guide increased spending

Ford pick-up showcases bullish spirits

Boldness reflects new confidence among big three US carmakers

AT&T leads charge into ‘connected’ cars

‘Car is becoming a smartphone on wheels’

Ford chief Mulally scotches Microsoft talk

Aim to end speculation that he might take over from Ballmer