China has been roiling global markets as its authoritarian leaders try to stop a huge stock bubble from bursting and its slowing economy from stalling.

With a debt load bigger than the US or Germany, an economy overly dependent on credit-fuelled property development and capital flight accelerating, what will China's mandarins do next to avoid what many believe is a gathering economic crisis?

China Slowdown

China slowdown hits PLA budget, says Xi

President links easing growth to lower than expected military spending

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2016 has begun with the currencies market reeling from a falling oil price and China slowdown fears
Sweeping losses for world markets as investors react to more surprises from the Chinese stock and currency markets.

Retail therapy will not cure China’s ills

Slowing emerging market economies pose serious problems for luxury brands

China steps up war on banks’ bad debt

Value of loans-for-bonds programme surges by $100bn in two months

The conflicts in Beijing’s five-year plan

Strategy is about consolidation of power and party revitalisation, writes Robert Zoellick

China and a fast Fed top list of worries

Keeping track of bearish signals in recent market corrections

China’s flawed case for market economy

Beijing needs to reform more if it is to enjoy full WTO privileges

China mouthpiece echoes Soros’ debt fears

‘Authoritative’ source warns party paper of ‘deadly’ risk to economy

China pours cash into troubled north-east

Sign government is turning to stimulus to boost growth

China capital outflow pressures persist

FX reserves rise mainly reflects impact of weaker dollar

China exports and imports fall in April

Figures follow signs of tentative revival the month before

China’s fizz goes flat

Price swings mask the fact that money is no longer energising economic muscles, writes James Kynge

China crackdown opens gap in economic data

Investors can no longer rely on the official numbers

China factory growth eased in April

Pullback raises questions over impact of fiscal stimulus and lending binge

China’s debt reckoning is matter of time

Credit build-up will end with serious consequences for the global economy, writes George Magnus

China province falls into negative growth

Liaoning is first regional economy to shrink in seven years

Effects of China’s failure to reform

Beijing must ensure that future stimulus is more profitably deployed

Unpaid bills add to China debt problems

Typical waiting time on accounts receivable at 14-year high in 2015

IMF warns China needs wider debt response

Fund says Beijing’s plans of action risk making problems worse

China’s debt-shrinking loses its edge

Beijing avoided a potential crisis 20 years ago by postponing it to today

China risks mount as debt hits new record

US-style credit crunch or Japan-style grinding malaise seen as increasingly likely

China’s debt: not a cheap American copy

Being much poorer, the state has much more potential to grow than pre-crisis America

China cannot delay on its bad debts

Taking tough decisions will help spur growth, writes Bill Rhodes

China house prices defy cooling measures

Market rises up to 63% in major cities despite lending clampdown

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Tale of two steel towns: Redcar and Qianan

Ripples from global steel downturn wash up on UK and China shores

Staying home pays off for China’s premier

Sceptics ask if economic picture owing to stimulus or luck