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China’s maturing economy

After an unprecedented flow of labour from the countryside to cities, fuelling three decades of breakneck economic growth, the transformation of China into an urban society is now complete. In a new series the FT analyses the huge implications of this for productivity and future growth

China’s great migration

Outside the family’s 'stewed meat' shop in Shennongjia: (back row, from left) Xiang Lihong, Xiang Ju, her mother and her sister-in-law. Front row, from left: daughters Xiang Qinqin and Xiang Qianqiu, Xiang Ju’s nephew and Xiang Dong, her brother
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When China’s 170m rural migrant workers head home for New Year, it is the biggest movement of people on earth. Reunions can be hard

China migration: At the turning point

A shrinking labour force from rural areas is driving huge economic change

Delivering the Jack Ma economy

FT Series: Low-paid workers are transforming companies such as Alibaba

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A trashpicker’s life in a Shanghai ‘hole’

Meet Cao — a migrant who makes a living from the city’s detritus

China migration: Dying for land

FT series: Urbanisation is leading to violent clashes between developers and farmers amid a fight for control of the land

China migration: Children of a revolution

Only now is the country examining the social price of children left behind by the mass movement of rural Chinese

China migration: Toil and trouble

FT Series – Labour shortages give workers a stronger hand but scepticism about the justice system is widespread

Wu Jianfei and his octogenarian mother in their ancestral home in the village of Qinghu in China's Jiangsu province

The Chinese dream in a single generation

A father and daughter stand at opposite ends of the country’s migrant miracle

China factories struggle to find workers

Job market in southern heartland in rude health despite slowdown

Zhou Chengjian poses in vegetable fields, a reconstruction of his home village, outside his Shanghai HQ
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Billionaires on living the Chinese dream

From poverty to superwealth: three billionaires tell their rags-to-riches stories

Migrant children forced to leave Beijing

Resident rules make it hard for families to stay together

Challenge of China’s dwindling workforce

Beijing’s economic task is simply to produce more from less

China to slow as ‘migrant miracle’ ends

Flow of rural labour that powered three-decade boom is petering out

Policies add to China’s labour shortage

Government reform of the unloved hukou system proves difficult