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BP settles Deepwater trial

Years of litigation have culminated in a multibillion dollar settlement between the UK-based energy group and US federal authorities and five states over the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill

US finalises $20bn BP oil spill settlement

Majority of costs of 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster now known

The Deepwater Horizon disaster damaged BP's image in the US; the falling price of oil forced it to cut back on production; and a settlement with the US gives its US operation a new lease of life
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BP finalises $20.8bn Gulf settlement

Group resolves civil claims with US federal and state authorities

BP faces billions more in spill payments

Business claims compensation could be $2bn more than set aside

BP settlement puts a value on clarity

Deal over worst US offshore oil spill hastens end to wrangling

BP settles Deepwater spill for $18.7bn

Payments spread over 18 years under deal with US authorities

BP in Transocean-Halliburton settlement

Deals provide further clarity on Deepwater Horizon disaster costs

BP accused of playing down gulf spill

No long-term damage to fish or bird populations, oil group says

BP ends bid to oust oil spill claims boss

Company closes two-year battle to limit settlement for victims

Value of BP’s US gulf operations plunges

Group says weakness inhibits its ability to pay oil spill penalty

BP civil trial enters its final phase

Oil major to push for lower payment than $14bn maximum penalty

BP faces up to $13.7bn penalty for spill

Penalty is $4bn less than highest amount sought by US government

BP seeks lower penalty for 2010 oil spill

Group says disaster payout should reflect crude price fall

BP carnival moves on

Court ensures BP has worst possible start to era of cheap oil

BP fails in Supreme Court gulf appeal

2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill compensation bill expected to top $9.7bn provision

BP challenges $18bn Deepwater ruling

Oil group believes it has spotted a legal mistake in decision

BP loses ‘excess’ compensation ruling

Decision over Gulf spill payments is a setback for oil group

UK wades into BP fight over US payouts

Court decisions raise ‘grave international comity concerns’

BP to fight oil spill negligence ruling

Penalty of up to $18bn could be deferred for several years

US negligence ruling catches BP off guard

Court finding leaves oil group facing tough legal fight

BP faces $18bn fine on negligence ruling

Shares tumble almost 6% on wilful misconduct charge

BP tries to remove oil spill claims chief

Group alleges emails point to conflict of interest

Supreme Court delivers blow on BP payouts

Suspended spill payments for businesses set to resume

Report points to valve fault in BP spill

US probe highlights significance of equipment company did not own

BP faces ‘staggering’ compensation costs

Group asks US Supreme Court to block oil spill payouts