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Data analytics

The digitisation of our lives has generated an unprecedented surge of data. Technological advances have made collecting, storing and analysing large amounts of data cheaper and easier than ever before - creating new opportunities and changing the way companies do business

Big data bonanza

The information revolution and the invisible hand


Data open doors to financial innovation

Financial industry more used to disruption from crunching techniques

Video: Information overload

Ravi Mattu looks at product design in battle to gather data

Counter-terrorism tools used to spot fraud

JPMorgan uses technology to assess employee risk

Number crunchers seek patterns in data

Computers try to predict future movements in markets

FT SEries: Day 4

Data scientists take byte out of Mad Men

Ad industry aims to target personalised messages

Advertising gets the power of intimacy

Two-way telescreens are nearer to becoming reality

Brands tap real-time data to tailor ads

Targeted strategy helps drive sales


Data prescription for better healthcare

Electronic analysis could be just the tonic needed

Big data explainer

The rise of big data

The FT explains what big data is and how companies make use of it

Lack of data analysis worrisome

Small percentage of information is analysed

Business opportunities come from big data

Technological world only scratching the surface in capacity terms

Social media a healthcare data gold mine

Fragmented and incomplete information sets up barriers

FT series: Day 2

Torn between loyalty and a bargain

Big Data series: Retailers track shoppers as consumers track prices

Questions raised over power of big data

Fears early movers may overpromise and under-deliver

FT series: Day 1

Push to exploit an ocean of information

Digital analytics promises tantalising new insights

SAP eyes Hana for big data breakthrough

Group answers critics with real-time analysis database tool