Bank Bonuses

The issue of bankers’ bonuses continues to be a political hot potato as bank chiefs defy political and public pressure to curb pay-outs as public sector cuts begin to bite

Investor ire over bank bonus structure

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Prospect of protest votes in coming AGM season


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UK’s top 5 banks slash bonuses by £1bn

Data also show lenders set aside £10bn for fines in 2014

Morgan Stanley chief lands $22.5m package

James Gorman gets 25% pay rise for 2014

UBS chiefs put SFr58m bonuses to vote

Shareholders to decide on variable pay under ‘fat cat initiative’

Barclays pays out £16.5m in share awards

Payout to top managers is half the amount paid in previous year

Wall St jobs up for first time since 2011

Traders and bankers enjoy higher bonuses despite fall in profits

Numbers fall off StanChart’s scoreboard

Investors puzzled by noble gesture to waive reward for failure

EU proposes to extend bank pay rules

Bonus caps of ‘major concern’ in London

StanChart chief waives bonus

Bank expands restructuring plans to weather ‘perfect storm’

UK bank bosses more bullish on bonuses

Only RBS chief Ross McEwan has declined award for 2014

RBS’s McEwan hands back £1m of pay

Chief declines payment designed to dodge EU cap

Labour to include allowances in bonus tax

Opposition seeks to exploit public anger at bank scandals

HSBC chief says bankers face double standards

Business held to higher account than bishops, says Gulliver

Rothschild eyes paying bonuses early

Move to avoid extra taxes if UK’s Labour party returns to power

HSBC executives pressed to cut bonuses

Restraint urged following tax scandal at Swiss arm

Banks get creative to retain junior ranks

Institutions look at non-pay initiatives for staff

Investment banks review junior ranks’ pay

Banks have increased junior bankers’ salaries by as much as 20%

Asset managers’ pay set to beat bankers

They will overtake in 2016 on current trends

Defer bank bonuses for 10 years, says MP

Treasury committee chairman wants pay aligned with risk

Bankers face extension of pay clawbacks

Labour plans to lengthen period from seven to 10 years

Reckless UK bankers face salary clawback

Financial watchdog considers move to expand powers from bonuses

ECB to launch probe into bankers’ bonuses

Remuneration ‘should be consistent with . . . sound capital base’

Criticism of banker pay ahead of election

Spotlight to fall on bonus share award to Lloyds boss

Banking bonuses set to disappoint

Traders and dealmakers fight over smaller payout pool

Moody’s urges slower bank bonus payouts

Rating agency says post-crisis pay still encourages risk-taking