Bank Bonuses

The issue of bankers’ bonuses continues to be a political hot potato as bank chiefs defy political and public pressure to curb pay-outs as public sector cuts begin to bite

UK refuses to give up bonus cap battle

Bank of England points to unintended consequences of EU rules


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Brexit City
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Brexit deal: are safeguards effective for UK?

New measures applied to past battles shows they could prove useful

Financial sector bonuses fall, survey shows

Fixed pay on the increase as post-crisis regulations bite

Deutsche Bank cancels board bonuses

Bank does not rule out more red numbers in 2016

Handsome young man throwing money over dark background

Bonuses are bad for bankers and banks

In finance, working for cookies is not an option but better alternatives to cash perks must be found

City bankers predict bumper bonuses

Optimism in survey comes despite disappointing bank results

Deutsche investors await dawn of new era

Shareholders digest €6.7bn loss and ask whether lender can cut costs without hurting earnings power

Banks to boost junior bonuses

Wall St and City take action to keep next generation of staff

Fund houses fight banker-style bonus cap

Industry against planned extension of European bank pay rules

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Bank of England tightens bonus rules

Traders who move jobs could still have their awards revoked

City poll finds bankers ready to walk

Readiness to move indicates increased confidence, says recruiter

Watchdog delays EU bank bonus rules

EBA allows time to craft exemptions for small institutions

Ghost of parties past subdues bank spirits

Backroom staff have a ball as traders play Cinderella

EBA to recommend EU bonus rule exemptions

Opt-outs proposed for smaller financial groups

Why bank bonuses are good for investors

A properly managed incentives system gives vital flexibility

Big bonuses likely for banks’ top talent

Leading performers expected to be rewarded

Cryan sees no virtue in bankers’ bonuses

New chief says big pay packages do not add up

RBS scraps bonuses for branch staff

Ending variable pay aims to remove ‘distraction’ for employees

UK bankers face squeeze on allowances

Regulators say some job-based payments amount to bonuses

Deutsche asks court to dismiss bonus claim

Employee fired during Libor probe cannot claim £5m, says company

Bonus reforms to come under glare of FSB

Regulator says more analysis needed to assess post-crisis tools

Deutsche to cut jobs, bonuses and assets

Chief executive to cement reputation as unflinching cost cutter

Barclays chairman attacks bonus culture

McFarlane claims payments encourage people to ‘cut corners’

Field narrowed in bank conduct regime

Small number of top executives in line fore for 10-year clawback

Drop in number of bankers earning €1m

Data show snapshot of trends before EU-wide curb on bonuses