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Plan to cut support for opposition groups

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Proposals provoke chorus of criticism in Westminster

Tory MPs welcome tax credits climbdown

Backbenchers relieved Osborne backs away

A great escape and Mao’s Little Red Book

The Tories are lucky in their enemy as the chancellor got away with his humiliating climbdown

British Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, leaves the treasury to deliver his autumn statement in the House of Commons.
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‘Lucky’ Osborne sidesteps political threat

Chancellor again shows ability to be flexible

Osborne’s slick operation ensures support

UK chancellor has Westminster’s biggest fan club

Senior Tory warns over devolving powers

LGA chief says national politicians must accept less control

Autumn Statement 2015: What has to give?

Osborne declines to confirm plan for £10bn surplus by 2020

Goldsmith expects fewer police cuts

London Tory Mayor candidate says views changed on security spend

George Osborne
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Osborne to take on colleagues over cuts

Treasury is looking to sign five-year spending deals

Foreign Office ministers warn over cuts

Fears grow over size of Spending Review savings

Osborne reworks skills for Spending Review

Chancellor must find another way to save after tax credits defeat

Lords defeat triggers look at budget surplus target

Cameron moves rapidly to reinforce MPs’ supremacy

Osborne ‘in listening mode’ on tax credits

Chancellor prepares measures to help 3m families facing losses

Osborne deadline spurs tough cuts talks

Hard negotiations about to begin on £20bn of spending reductions