UK election will be all about the economy

The Autumn Statement has widened the ideological choice between Tories and Labour

Osborne channels spirit of Victorian PM

Chancellor steals policies from opposition party

An illustration of George Osborne as Robin Hood
©Jonathan McHugh

Osborne dons populist garb for election

Chancellor takes aim at banks, multinationals and top-end property

Labour is stuck in the political doghouse

It is possible to ridicule the Tories’ missed targets, and still favour them over the shabby alternative

Government fine-tunes election strategy

Chancellor wrongfoots his opponents by penalising the wealthy

Cable asks OBR to spell out differences

Business secretary seeks to distance party from Treasury

Candour deficit matches fiscal one

All the political parties face similar unanswered questions

True-colour image of Mars seen by OSIRIS

Osborne takes Commons on a mission to Mars

Things, after all, seem so much smaller from space – like the deficit

Balls slams Osborne over borrowing

Shadow chancellor focuses on missed deficit targets


Osborne targets £15bn Whitehall savings

Centralisation and outsourcing key elements of plan

Tax devolution unites Northern Ireland

Business hopes corporation tax will soon match that in Republic

Will the liberal Osborne please stand up

The resistance to turning inwards is in the chancellor’s hands

Voters split on approach to UK economy

Tory policy seen to be only for London, big business and rich, suggests Populus voters’ survey

Ministers to claim credit now for future

MPs to seize on agreed infrastructure investment in next parliament

Osborne to pledge balanced budget law

Trap for Labour in statute to eliminate deficit by 2017-18

Parties told to close ‘candour deficit’ over cuts

Resolution Foundation says politicians are failing to inform the public over fiscal targets

Osborne accused of ‘grand deception’

Alexander criticises chancellor’s promise of unfunded tax cuts