Give up dogma of the unshrinkable state

An illustration of George Osborne as Robin Hood
©Jonathan McHugh

This government has cut £35bn since 2010 without Britain regressing into a desolate pre-modernity

Osborne plays down spending cuts fears

Chancellor attacks ‘hyperbolic’ coverage of the BBC

Stagnating productivity threatens finances

Forecasting a budget surplus is one thing – delivering it is something else

Q&A: How strong is UK economy?

Chancellor’s numbers conceal worrying trends

Extra spending cuts to balance the books

The really bad news for public finances is the set of figures for projected tax receipts

Osborne’s £18bn question

Savings on debt interest aid the medium-term outlook

An illustration of George Osborne as Robin Hood
©Jonathan McHugh

Cuts alone may not hit fiscal target

The accounts will only be balanced through an unprecedented squeeze on public spending

Recovery in wages to start next year

OBR sees growth slowing but productivity beginning to pick up

Ingram Pinn illustration

A political chancellor’s delusional plan

The economic priority for the UK was never fiscal austerity; it was securing growth

North gains in search for regional balance

Manchester a big winner with investment in arts and innovation

A dose of wishful thinking

Something odd about George Osborne’s medium-term fiscal outlook

The 2 minute visual guide to the Autumn Statement

Chris Giles cuts through the official data

Tax receipts to fall short of forecasts

OBR estimates underscore fragility of public finances

Q&A: What’s in a ‘northern powerhouse’?

There are a number of factors why the focus is now on the region

Britain deserves better on infrastructure

Osborne makes the case for road building in spite of austerity

Swansea tidal barrage proposed

Measures to boost flood defences and housebuilding also planned

Chancellor to admit missing deficit target

OBR to add to Osborne’s £50bn discomfort with more bad news

Voters split on approach to UK economy

Tory policy seen to be only for London, big business and rich

UK fiscal austerity – a game of two halves

The next phase of fiscal consolidation will take place against a different background

Osborne unveils ‘good news’ roads plan

Dual carriageway to be built the entire A303 south west route as part of £15bn investment

Ministers to claim credit now for future

MPs to seize on agreed infrastructure investment in next parliament

Autumn Statement 2014: Osborne to pledge £15bn for roads

Stonehenge tunnel is among list of more than 100 projects

Autumn Statement 2014: Leeds and Sheffield to win more power

Chancellor expected to give cities greater control of spending

Weak oil and tax revenues hit Osborne

Treasury concerned as figures disappoint despite buoyant economy

Osborne accused of ‘grand deception’

Alexander criticises chancellor’s promise of unfunded tax cuts

Cameron changes tack on economy

Tories seek to focus voters’ attention on recovery

Britain and the cuts: Osborne hangs on OBR forecasts

FT Series: Fiscal watchdog’s judgment could give chancellor nasty surprise

Cameron pledges £15bn for roads schemes

List includes Stonehenge tunnel for A303 and dualling of A1

Osborne to back ‘northern powerhouse’

Greater control, rather than tax powers, to be handed to region

Osborne vows to revitalise north

Cities propose £15bn infrastructure plan