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FT series - archived

FT series: Day One

America’s debt dilemma: A looming crisis

In the first of a series, Robin Harding examines the fiscal challenges that will shape the US in the 21st century

Interactive graphics

US government receipts and outlays
Compare United States’ tax revenues and its use of consumption taxes with other developed countries
US fiscal debt
Explore how the US’s federal, state and household debt picture has evolved and how it compares with other G20 nations
FT Explainer: Washington faces tough decisions on cuts

End the damaging obsession with deficit

America must not lose sight of infrastructure, jobs and growth

FT Series: Day Two

US healthcare costs seek home remedy

FT series: America’s Debt Dilemma – Richard McGregor on Medicare

America’s fiscal policy is not in crisis

The urgent challenge is to promote economic recovery


Pentagon faces a rebel yell over pensions

FT series: America’s Debt Dilemma - Geoff Dyer on the Pentagon’s ballooning entitlements bill

US parents warned on student debt peril

Risk of financial hardship if offspring fail to pay

No US peace dividend after Afghanistan

Bad decisions exact a high price, write Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes

FT Series: Day Four
Illustration of America’s debt dilemma

US taxes: Certain as death, complicated as hell

There is a growing consensus that the country’s unwieldy tax system is outdated and in desperate need of repair

World is right to worry about US debt

America must face up to its responsibilities, writes Kenneth Rogoff


Budget cuts put US science to the test

FT Series: How financial pressures are affecting US research capacity


At last – how America can solve the ‘too big to fail’ problem

Subsidy needs to be quantified, say William Isaac and Cornelius Hurley

Reality not politics dictates cash hoarding

There are practical reasons for keeping cash

What is the fiscal cliff?

Economic self-interest won’t aid recovery

Autarky destroys market forces and creates social tensions