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Why Abenomics will disappoint

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Signs are that deflation can be beaten but hopes for faster trend economic growth are optimistic

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One year on from Abe’s bold monetary reforms and fiscal stimulus, has Abenomics been a success?
– Jonathan Soble
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Haruhiko Kuroda, the outsider

The head of the Bank of Japan says he has a plan to finally end the battle with deflation

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BoJ vows to stick with easy money policy

Plan will remain in place until inflation stabilises

Wage rises the missing link for Abenomics

Unwillingness to boost wages could run Abenomics off the road

Abe goes back to the future for new zones

Special economic zones to be created to stimulate Japan’s growth

Japan counts the cost of inflation drive

Investors remain sceptical that Abe’s first arrow is on target

Japan is channelling the 1970s

Far from fighting demands for higher wages, Abenomics encourages them, writes Peter Tasker

The talking robot launched to the International Space Station in August has sent its first audio/visual message to Earth. Kirobo, the mini Japanese robot is just .34 meters (13.4-inches) long. Kirobo is designed to be able to have conversations with its astronaut crewmates and to study how robot-human interactions can help the astronauts in the space environment

Abenomics under pressure

Modernisation programme brings dilemmas and upheaval for businesses and policy makers

Falling growth adds to Abenomics doubts

Public spending among biggest contributors to Q3 growth

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Abe’s first arrow is the one that matters

What is really radical is the bold gamble to rid Japan of 15 years of deflation

Abenomics fuels Japan corporate earnings

Abenomics: Complacency is biggest threat to resurgence

Prime minister must stay the course with successful measures

Game on as Abenomics takes off

Positive leadership and the prospect of the Olympics returning to Tokyo are boosting confidence

Japan balancing act grows more precarious

Clouds over Tokyo linger as growth remains hard won

Abe’s missing arrow

Japan needs structural reforms for ‘Abenomics’ to succeed

Tough tasks and Abe’s inflationary quest

Japan’s prime minister must tackle many adversaries before his quest is complete

Blowing some froth off Abenomics

A huge balance-sheet cash cushion has sapped animal spirits in Japan, says John Plender

Abe’s hardest test

Monetary revolution cannot work without reforms