China’s slowdown

Chinese authorities are facing a slowing economy and a slump in share prices that has alarmed global investors

Britain in Europe

David Cameron is under pressure from all sides and faces a delicate balancing act in attempting to renegotiate an acceptable UK membership settlement with the EU

Europe’s migration crisis

Migrants will risk all crossing the Mediterranean in ramshackle boats for a better life in the EU

Greece debt crisis

Athens has caved in to an ultimatum from its creditors and agreed to rush through long-resisted economic reforms in a bid to stay in the eurozone

Eurozone in crisis

Sovereign bond yields have fallen sharply since 2012, but many fear the bloc is heading for a period of slow growth and low inflation

Redefining emerging markets

The FT considers whether it is time to coin a new phrase for the developing powers

Climate Change

In December Paris will host the biggest UN talks on tackling global warming since the ill-fated Copenhagen summit in 2009

Stock market monitor

Rise of the index

An FT series analysing one of the most potent and little understood forces in global markets