Oil refinery

Oil - the big drop

While falling oil prices pose a challenge for governments and producers, the global economy stands to benefit from a huge windfall

UK by-elections

Having lost one seat to Ukip in Clacton the Tories are pulling out all the stops to win the Rochester by-election on 20 November

Ebola virus

As an exponentially expanding epidemic rampages through west Africa, Ebola is the most discussed virus on the planet

Hong Kong protests

The government has revived its offer of talks with pro-democracy protesters, but has vowed to press on with its efforts to clear the streets

Syria crisis

After three years of civil war the conflict between the Assad regime and myriad groups of rebels on the ground remains deadlocked

Eurozone in crisis

After two years of economic contraction, optimism has started to take hold that the bloc will finally return to growth in 2014

Iraq crisis

As lethal sectarian violence rises President Obama has authorised air strikes to halt the advance of Isis and prevent a possible genocide in northern Iraq

Crisis in Ukraine

Despite a truce, violence has persisted in eastern Ukraine as the conflict, with no resolution in sight, continues to cast a cloud over the global economy