VW emissions scandal

The German carmaker is engulfed in the worst crisis in its 78-year history over manipulation of diesel emissions test data

China’s slowdown

Chinese authorities are facing a slowing economy and a slump in share prices that has alarmed global investors

Syria crisis

Russia has added a dramatic edge to competition with the US for influence in the Middle East after launching air strikes in Syria

Britain in Europe

David Cameron is under pressure from all sides and faces a delicate balancing act in attempting to renegotiate an acceptable UK membership settlement with the EU

Europe’s migration crisis

Migrants will risk all crossing the Mediterranean in ramshackle boats for a better life in the EU

Greece debt crisis

Athens has caved in to an ultimatum from its creditors and agreed to rush through long-resisted economic reforms in a bid to stay in the eurozone

Eurozone in crisis

Sovereign bond yields have fallen sharply since 2012, but many fear the bloc is heading for a period of slow growth and low inflation

When rates rise

FT project: When rates rise

FT project: Even before the US Fed makes a move on interest rates the effects are reverberating throughout the global economy