Crisis in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has moved swiftly to annex Crimea and worries remain over Moscow’s intentions in the east and south of Ukraine

Hunt for flight MH370

The disappearance of a Malaysian Airways jet has led to the largest international search effort for a missing aircraft in aviation history

Eurozone in crisis

Problems in the bloc rumble on as electorates vote against austerity, forcing policy makers to consider measures to stimulate growth and offset the effects of deficit reduction

Future of the union

The yes campaign is facing its biggest onslaught yet over keeping the pound and EU membership should independence be won

European banking union

Eurozone finance ministers have agreed to set up a common backstop in the EU’s new bank bailout system, the second leg of Europe’s banking union

EMs in retreat

Fear of contagion is stalking emerging markets as policy makers from Argentina to Turkey scramble to defend their currencies

Syria crisis

The US and Russia are pushing for local ceasefire deals to allow more humanitarian aid to flow into Syria

Egypt after Morsi

The military consolidates its hold on power after the ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi quits the army to run for the presidency

India elections

The world’s largest democracy, with nearly 800m eligible voters, is embarking on one of its most hotly contested national polls in decades

Fragile Middle

The Fragile Middle

An FT series examining the pressures faced by the consuming middle classes in emerging markets as growth slows