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Iraq: a decade after war

On March 20, 2003 a US-led coalition invaded Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein on the pretext of his possession of weapons of mass destruction and links with Osama bin Laden. A decade later the US, Britain and the Middle East still face the consequences of that fateful decision

Dissolving Iraq

Maliki’s sectarianism threatens break-up of country


Iraq oil
Iraqi oil production since 1980 and the limitations western oil companies face doing business there.
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Life in Damascus ©Getty
Memories of the Iraq war ten years ago are influencing the debate over intervention in the two-year-old Syrian uprising
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Pastoral is political for Arab Christians

Another Easter caught in the Sunni-Shia crossfire

Dozens killed in Iraq anniversary attacks

Baghdad hit by car bomb and suicide blasts

Contractors reap $138bn from Iraq war

Analysis reveals benefits for private US and foreign companies

Iraq’s appeal wanes for oil majors

Many groups shift sights to semi-autonomous Kurdistan region

A man walks with his son in Kadhamia, a Shia district in Baghdad
©Sebastian Meyer

Iraq: 10 years later

A decade on from the US invasion, the country is engulfed in a political storm and normal life is still just a dream

Ingram Pinn illustration
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After hubris in Iraq, hesitation in Syria

The tough lessons from an invasion a decade ago do not apply today

Fortune favours the brave in Iraq

Entrepreneurs see Iraq’s desperate needs as a unique opening

Turkey emerges as true Iraq war victor

Exports to neighbour increase 25% a year since conflict started

Iraq: a display of declining US power

The only winners were the forces the coalition of the willing sought to defeat, writes David Gardner

Iraq’s difficult decade with democracy

Most depressing to many is sense of a creeping authoritarianism

Lessons from Iraq a decade after war

Obsession with Security Council backing is misguided