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See how the world is adapting in the fight against global terrorism

Nigerians die in droves for want of aid

The international response to the crisis left in Boko Haram’s wake is way too slow

Colombia: ‘Leave the rifles behind’

The country prepares to vote on a peace accord with leftwing rebels to end five decades of conflict

Illustration by Shonagh Rae of rubbish bin
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Don’t throw our bins away

‘Bins show that a society has a well-funded and well-organised state, where levels of trust are high’

US charges Afghan-American over bombings

Suspect’s father once told police his son was a terrorist

TV grab of Ahmad Khan Rahami after shootout with police in New Jersey
©ABC News

NY bomb suspect captured after shootout

28-year-old Afghan-born US citizen charged in New Jersey

Politics of terror shake-up US election

Clinton and Trump trade claims on who would be better commander-in-chief after attacks


Bombing suspect had history of arrests

Rahami lived a mile from the station where pipe bombs were found

TV grab of Ahmad Khan Rahami after shootout with police in New Jersey

NY bomb suspect captured after shootout

Arrest of 28-year-old Afghan-born US citizen in New Jersey

New York on high alert after bomb blast

More suspicious devices found in New Jersey on Monday morning

German police arrest 3 ‘on Isis mission’

Investigators find links to Paris terrorists

Syrian rebels sceptical of truce deal

Fierce clashes around Aleppo hours before ceasefire comes into force

US remembers victims 15 years after 9/11

Six moments of silence in New York to mark dark day

Women detained over Notre-Dame plot

French authorities fear Isis is increasingly using female operatives

The attacks that tattooed terror on us

Fear has a strong scent, like the wet fur of a dog

End of the old guard signals new dangers

Conspiracy theories surround the reported demise of chief propagandist Adnani

Uighur group ordered China embassy bombing

Kyrgyzstan state security says Nusra Front financed the suicide attack in August

Turkey seeks to set up Syria ‘safe zone’

Plan would extend recently captured territory south of border

Isis is down, but not yet out

Al-Qaeda has a more sustainable long-term future

‘Decapitating’ Isis will not kill it

The death of Abu Muhammad al-Adnani may not halt the progress of Isis, writes William Wallis

Malaysia foils alleged terror plot

Police say suspects were planning to attack a Hindu temple complex

Isis propaganda head ‘killed in Syria’

Adnani’s responsibilities included array of gruesome videos

Isis claims Yemen suicide bombing

Dozens of pro-government forces killed in attack on military training camp

Social media accused of terror failings

MPs urge Facebook and Twitter to curb on extremist content

Germans ridicule food stockpiling plan

Claims of politically motivated scaremongering

EU spymasters lobby for change in law

Intelligence officials seek to limit use of coded messages