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The shifting face of terrorism in Britain

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epa04817875 A picture taken from the Turkish side of the border shows smoke rising after renewed attack by Islamic State in Kobane, Syria, 25 June 2015. According to media reports, Islamic State jihadists once again advanced into the town of Kobane in northern Syria after being driven from the area by Kurdish forces at the end of January. There was heavy fighting in several districts between Kurdish troops and the extremists during the night. Sanliurfa governorate said that 41 victims of the fighting have been brought to hospital in the Turkish city of Suruc, and one of them has died. EPA/STR ©EPA
Lifting parliament’s prohibition on missions over Syria is justified
– FT View
An alley in downtown Tunis: illegal mosques have proliferated amid a lack of infrastructure in neglected areas of Tunisia
Security services alarmed by Tunisia’s young killer and his progression to gun-wielding jihadi
– Sam Jones and Erika Solomon
Flowers and a note reading 'Why? Warum?' are laid on a sun lounger at the Imperial Marhaba Hotel in Sousse, Tunisia, 27 June 2015. According to local reports 26 June, two assailants with handgrenades opened fire on tourists at two hotels, killing at least 37 people, including Germans, Brits and Belgians, and wounding several others, some while they were sunbathing, one of the attackers was killed by Tunisian security services, while a second has been arrested. The group affiliated with the so called Islamic State (IS) have claimed responsibility. EPA/ANDREAS GEBERT ©EPA
It is not for the outside world to impose governance and economic reforms on the country
– Claire Spencer

BBC’s Isis ‘impartiality’ upsets ministers

Broadcaster rejects pressure to change way it refers to group

UK considers air strikes on Isis in Syria

Defence secretary cites ‘strong case’ to bomb militants

Egypt militants kill at least 64 soldiers in Sinai

Clashes raise fears of spiralling violence

Saudis at war with Isis on Twitter

Opponents aim to dissuade would-be suicide bombers

Tunisia PM calls for help to fight attacks

Essid says tourist killer was trained in Libya

Simulated terror attack to test London

‘Strong Tower’ exercise deploys 1,000 police officers

Egypt’s top prosecutor dies in car bomb

Escalation in campaign of violence targeting members of judiciary

Jihadis draw on Tunisia’s poor districts

Islamists feed on social problems to recruit disaffected youth

PM points to ‘generational struggle’

Theresa May flies to resort where at least 30 Britons died

There are limits to Isis growth

Group’s intolerance of all other creeds forces rivals to retaliate

Saudi citizen named as Kuwait attacker

Gulf state in show of cross-confessional unity after attack on Shia

Terror attack threatens Tunisia’s economy

Tourism accounts for 14% of country’s gross domestic product

British death toll in Tunisia could hit 30

‘Significant numbers of victims not yet positively identified’

Ramadan attacks fit Isis agenda

Atrocities speak to the new face of jihadi violence

Scores killed in trail of terror

Bloody day of jihadi-linked violence across three continents

37 killed in attack on Tunisian resort

Security forces kill one of two gunmen in gunfight in Sousse

Suicide blast hits Kuwait Shia mosque

At least 25 killed in attack during Friday prayers

France pieces together moments of attack

Suspect arrested after explosion at US-owned factory near Lyon

Isis attacks Kurdish sites in Syria

Turkey accused of facilitating fighters’ entrance to the area

Isis destroys two shrines near Palmyra

Jihadis reported to have mined ruins of Roman city

Taliban attacks Afghan parliament

Concern over ability of Nato-trained forces to counter militants

PM urges Muslims to resist extremism

David Cameron fears ideology is being ‘quietly condoned’

Isis blocks fuel to northern Syria

Jihadis undermine rebels’ ability to fight

Al-Qaeda number two killed in US strike

Wuhayshi most senior target killed since Bin Laden