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Over half world’s nations hatching jihadis

Al-Qaeda and Isis have 25,000 new members, UN says

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FILE - This undated file image posted on a militant website on Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014, which has been verified and is consistent with other AP reporting, shows fighters from the al-Qaida linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), now called the Islamic State group, marching in Raqqa, Syria. When Islamic State fighters routed Syrian government forces and took control of the ruins of Palmyra Thursday, May 21, 2015 morning, the ancient city became the latest archaeological heritage site to fall into the hands of the militant group. (Militant Website via AP, File) ©AP
A Sunni alternative to the jihadis fell along with Ramadi
Iraqi security forces in Tikrit after pushing Isis out of the city with help from Shiite militiamen
Shia militias have helped fight Isis, but many worry they are pushing their own brand of sectarianism
– Borzou Daragahi
Eight reported killed as militants attack museum near Tunisian Parliament building...epa04667724 Members of the Tunisian security services take up positions after gunmen reportedly took hostages near the country's parliament, outside the National Bardo Museum, Tunis, Tunisia, 18 March 2015. According to local reports eight people were killed, mostly tourists, and many more wounded when gunmen attacked the popular Bardo museum, allegedly taking others hostage as members of the security services deploy around the museum's buildings prior to entering them, allegedly trading fire with the militants inside. EPA/MOHAMED MESSARA ©EPA
The country must not be forsaken as it faces a growing jihadi threat
– FT View

Terror financing to top G7 meeting agenda

Germany to lead crackdown against finance for groups like Isis

Iran commander warns of Isis threat

General says US doing little to stop jihadis in Iraq

Carter blames Iraqi forces for Ramadi fall

US defence secretary questions Baghdad military’s ‘will to fight’

Isis suicide bomb kills 20 in Saudi Arabia

Attack raises fears of growing jihadi threat in oil-rich kingdom

Isis in position to advance on Damascus

Some locals cheer beheadings of informants and state officials

Isis rivals make bin Laden look soft

Light cast on fierce competition between jihadi groups

Isis militants control half of Syria

Pro-opposition locals say jihadis ‘more merciful’ than Assad

Isis blows hole in Obama’s Iraq strategy

Fall of Ramadi exposes deep flaws in US campaign

Isis seizes historic city of Palmyra

Pro-government forces pull back leaving heritage site in danger

Bin Laden books show taste for conspiracy

New documents reveal that al-Qaeda leader celebrated Arab spring

Tunisian massacre suspect held in Italy

Fears heightened of jihadis using migrant boats to reach Europe

Doubt cast on Iraq PM’s control of war

Al-Abadi leans on Shia militia after Isis capture city

Boston bomber sentenced to death

Three killed and 264 hurt in worst attack on US soil since 2001

UK terror arrests at highest since 9/11

Police say suspects detained at a rate of almost one a day

Cameron to unveil plans against extremism

Proposed measures will be fast-tracked through parliament

Macedonia police battle ‘terrorist’ group

Skopje blames foreign forces as clashes deepen political crisis

Isis claims Texas exhibition attack

Unclear what role jihadi group actually played in assault

Gunmen shot at Mohammed art show in Texas

Garland shooting raises fears of attacks by Isis sympathisers

Kenya backlash over crackdown on Shabaab

Nairobi risks further alienating Muslims

Organisations act to outwit terrorism

Developers and architects are adopting a range of precautions to protect buildings

Anger over Greek plans to release terrorist

Move by Tsipras angers families of the victims and Greece’s international partners

US drone strike killed western hostages

Barack Obama describes accidental deaths as ‘terrible tragedy’

French detain terror suspect who called ambulance

Authorities claim attack on church averted

Saudi calls end to Yemen bombing operations

Riyadh halts first phase of anti-Houthi campaign