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Norway faces ‘concrete’ terrorist threat

Intelligence suggests link to fighters returning from Syria

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Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant militants in Iraq's Nineveh province ©AFP
Surge of al-Qaeda’s offshoot leaves society questioning itself
– Roula Khalaf
The entrance to Camp 5 and Camp 6 at the US military's Guantánamo Bay detention centre ©AP
The notorious prison has seen a mere handful of convictions as detainees grow older in legal limbo
– Richard McGregor
As al-Qaeda splinter group the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant extends its reach southwards, the government appears more paralysed than ever
– Roula Khalaf

UK widens security measures at airports

Passengers must prove electronic devices work

Two UK men plead guilty to terror charges

The pair fought for eight months with an al-Qaeda group in Syria

Gadgets must work to get on flights to US

Washington toughens security for inbound flights

US toughens airport checks on devices

Heightened security in response to advance of Isis in Iraq

Air travellers warned of tighter security

Clegg says anti-terror clamp likely for foreseeable future

A jet queuing at Heathrow Airport

US and UK tighten airport security

Call for more precautions comes amid fears of al-Qaeda attack

Baghdad nervously awaits Isis attack

Sleeper cells lie in wait, ready for the signal to emerge

Jordan acquits Abu Qatada of terror charges

Cleric extradited from UK remains in custody on separate charges

More than 20 killed in Nigeria blast

Suspected car bomb outside shopping centre in capital

Airliner hit by gunfire landing in Pakistan

Passenger killed on flight from Saudi Arabia to Peshawar

Jihadi threat to UK is real, say analysts

Islamist groups in Syria not focused on targeting west

Foreign Office cuts anti-terror budget

Move comes as officials warn of growing threat to UK

Cameron warns of terror attack on UK

PM offers extra funding for displaced Iraqis

Kenyan tourism reels from fresh threats

Somali militants launch second coastal assault in two days