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Iraq fails to halt Isis advance in Anbar

Move to lower reliance on Shia militias leads to jihadist gains

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Iraqi security forces in Tikrit after pushing Isis out of the city with help from Shiite militiamen
Shia militias have helped fight Isis, but many worry they are pushing their own brand of sectarianism
– Borzou Daragahi
Eight reported killed as militants attack museum near Tunisian Parliament building...epa04667724 Members of the Tunisian security services take up positions after gunmen reportedly took hostages near the country's parliament, outside the National Bardo Museum, Tunis, Tunisia, 18 March 2015. According to local reports eight people were killed, mostly tourists, and many more wounded when gunmen attacked the popular Bardo museum, allegedly taking others hostage as members of the security services deploy around the museum's buildings prior to entering them, allegedly trading fire with the militants inside. EPA/MOHAMED MESSARA ©EPA
The country must not be forsaken as it faces a growing jihadi threat
– FT View
Young volunteer fighters last month at the Amiriyat Fallujah front line ©Mahmoud Raouf Mahmoud
Across Iraq, in harsh and dangerous conditions, thousands of Muslim men are risking their lives against the jihadi group
– Borzou Daragahi

Obama to remove Cuba from terror list

Move will pave way for Havana to tap financial markets

Truckers navigate Isis-controlled roads

Journeys highlight effect of war on region’s trade

French judge leads fight against jihadism

Marc Trévidic says France faces surge of people back from Syria

France’s TV5 hacked by Isis

Group disrupts broadcaster for several hours

Isis senses territorial gains in Syria

Regime weakness offers jihadis opportunity to advance

Kenyans point to danger closer to home

Support for attacks in Somalia wanes after Garissa slaughter

Five arrested over Garissa college attack

Security agencies detain three people trying to cross into Somalia

Al-Qaeda frees 300 in Yemen prison break

Leading extremists escape as country’s disintegration continues

Jihadis kill 147 in Kenya university raid

Deadliest single attack by al-Shabaab in Kenya

Isis edges closer to Syrian capital

Palestinian district of Yarmouk under attack from jihadis

Men sentenced over ‘bomb-making’ manual

Jailed for possessing terror document after meeting jihadis

Isis cleared from Tikrit, says Iraq PM

Iraqi troops attack after US-led bombing, says Haider al-Abadi

Extremists kill blogger in Bangladesh

Murder reinforces fears about rise of violent Islamist groups

Fighters flock back to resurgent al-Nusra

Al-Qaeda affiliate ranks swell after gains in northwest Syria

Arab League agrees joint military force

‘No option but to join forces’ says Egyptian president

Islamist groups seize Syrian city of Idlib

Hardline insurgents gain control of second province

Soldiers of fortune fight Boko Haram

Mercenaries engage in battle against the Nigerian terrorist group

Air strikes seek to oust Isis from Tikrit

Coalition jets back stalled offensive by Iraqi forces

Court backs home secretary on passport removal

Supreme court dismisses appeal of Vietnam born man stripped of citizenship

Canada to join air strikes in Syria

Harper expands military action against Isis in election year

Suicide attack kills 126 at Yemen mosques

Supporters of rebel Houthis targeted by militants in Sana’a

Tunisia and the lure of Isis

What can the government do to stop Tunisians fighting for the Islamist group?

Tunisians defiant as Isis claims attack

Fears raised over economy and democratic transition

Q&A: Canada beefs up antiterrorism laws

The C-51 bill increases the powers of security agencies