See how the world is adapting in the fight against global terrorism

Car bomb in Gaziantep, Turkey, kills two

Sixth bombing in as many months points up security threats

FBI and Apple logos

FBI considers revealing how iPhone hacked

Agency could disclose the device vulnerability to the company

German court strikes down terrorism law

Drive to beef up counter-terrorism collides with privacy concerns

Taliban kills dozens in Kabul bomb attack

Explosion hits area close to Afghan government security agency

Hopes fade as Jerusalem bomb injures 21

Blast signals wave of attacks that began in October is not over

Kingdom tower, Riyadh ID 48377664 © Swisshippo |

Saudis warn US on 9/11 responsibility law

Riyadh says it will protect its investments from seizure attempts

Illustration by Luis Grañena
©Luis Grañena

Why we’re reliving the 1970s

‘The 1970s analogy gives us reason to hope. Back then, the centre held — as it has so far today, after eight years of economic misery’

How Mauritania fights off terrorism

Bin Laden documents raise questions over relations with Islamists

MEPs back EU passenger name record scheme

Vote ends 5-year push to bolster security services’ armoury

What Arab youth thinks of Isis

Lack of jobs works to militants’ advantage, survey finds

Brussels attackers ‘originally targeted Paris’

Jihadis launched bombings after abandoning plan, say prosecutors

Third Brussels airport bomber charged

Prosecutors say Abrini admits being ‘the man in the hat’

Police arrest suspects in Brussels attacks

Abrini also final wanted man sought after Paris terror

New images of Brussels ‘Man in White’

Suspected bomber tracked walking away from airport

Turkey acts over ‘terror ‘sympathisers’

New laws will revoke citizenship as Erdogan cracks down on PKK

US launches online assault against Isis

First wartime assignment for Pentagon’s new Cyber Command

UK hits at European anti-terror red tape

Foreign secretary urges greater co-operation among agencies

Europe focuses on counter-terrorism

Stung by criticism, authorities begin closer co-operation

Europe’s intelligence sharing falls short

Missed warnings about Brussels bomber reveal data-sharing failures

Brussels airport reopens after attack

Three flights mark ‘symbolic’ first step back to normality for capital

China jostles for influence in Djibouti

The world’s superpowers are competing for global influence in this tiny, impoverished country in the Horn of Africa

Police warned Belgium on airport security

Letter claims criminals worked in sensitive parts of facility

China forces to set up first overseas base

‘A few thousand’ troops and staff to be deployed to Djibouti

Hollande forced to drop anti-terror bill

Move ends row over plan that created divisions on right and left

Race to discover how FBI cracked iPhone

Security industry and Apple seek tech flaw — and hackers that found it