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Turkey hits back at western Isis criticism

Ankara calls on partners to stop foreign fighters

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The jihadis exploit social media to terrorise and to lure recruits, writes Zeynep Tufekci
Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant militants in Iraq's Nineveh province ©AFP
Surge of al-Qaeda’s offshoot leaves society questioning itself
– Roula Khalaf
The entrance to Camp 5 and Camp 6 at the US military's Guantánamo Bay detention centre ©AP
The notorious prison has seen a mere handful of convictions as detainees grow older in legal limbo
– Richard McGregor

US considers air strikes on Isis in Syria

Pentagon deploys spy drones in readiness for attacks

Iraqi Kurds fear infiltration by Isis

Gun market does brisk business as suspicions grow

US journalist freed by al-Qaeda linked group

Freeing of Peter Theo Curtis follows murder of Foley

Cameron under pressure on extremists

London mayor calls for tougher action on British Isis fighters

Isis militants seize Syrian military base

Capture of Tabqa is a blow for Assad in Raqqa province

Isis gains hit business in Iraqi Kurdistan

Investors sit tight and hope for the best

Opaque structure adds to Isis challenge

Identifying leaders prioritised over counting fighters

Kurds hone battlefield skills against Isis

Jihadists’ guerrilla tactics shock peshmerga fighters

US signals escalation in Isis fight

Militant group ‘beyond anything we’ve seen’, says defence secretary

Use Assad to defeat Isis, says Rifkind

Senior British MP warns against being ‘squeamish’ about methods

Mystery of drop into Isis military base

Raid on camp with secret prison may have been US rescue

Defeating Isis likely to take years, warn analysts

Taking on insurgents will be far harder than fighting al-Qaeda

Extreme violence lies in Isis DNA

Successor to al-Qaeda in Iraq espouses same extreme violence

Cameron tackles jihadi threat to UK

PM cuts short holiday as identifying Foley killer becomes top priority