See how the world is adapting in the fight against global terrorism

US says strike killed senior Isis leaders

Officials see loss of commanders affecting group’s operations

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Pakistani volunteers carry a student injured in the shootout at a school under attack by Taliban gunmen, at a local hospital in Peshawar, Pakistan,Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2014. Taliban gunmen stormed a military school in the northwestern Pakistani city, killing and wounding dozens, officials said, in the latest militant violence to hit the already troubled region. (AP Photo/Mohammad Sajjad) ©AP
Pakistan’s foreign and security policies are not the result of democratic process, says Shashank Joshi
The group has not yet displaced existing threats from the Muslim world
– Ahmed Rashid
Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta (R) flanked by Kenyan chief-of-staff General Julius Karangi (L), arrives to attend the Distinguished Visitors Day at the Validation Exercise of Kenya's Pledged Forces to the East African Standby Force at the training camp in Archer's Post, Isiolo County, on September 5, 2014. AFP PHOTO / SAMUEL MIRING'U ©AFP
Good intelligence thwarts some attacks, but response to mall massacre has been ‘erratic’
– Katrina Manson

Insurers warns over US terrorism cover

Congress fails to renew programme inspired by 2001 attacks

Attack highlights Pakistan’s vulnerability

Taliban siege of school shows growing risk to soft targets

Sydney gunman details spark review

Monis held firearms licence while facing serious charges

Scores killed in Pakistan school siege

Taliban attack leaves at least 141 people, mostly children, dead

Abbott hails response to Sydney siege

‘Brush with terrorism’ comes despite tougher laws

Sydney siege stokes fear of ‘lone wolves’

Fanatics who slip under the radar put security chiefs to the test

Gunman killed as Sydney siege ends

Two hostages and lone gunman die as officers storm building

Cameron seeks Turkey terror alliance

Push to improve co-operation with Ankara to combat Isis

Attack shatters fragile Chechen stability

At least 20 militants and policemen dead in Grozny gun battle

US confirms Isis fighter camps in Libya

Jihadis starting to come out of hiding, says tribal leader

Iranian jets attack Isis in eastern Iraq

US declines to confirm it co-ordinated with Tehran

Terrorism takes its toll on traveller numbers

Trade for hotel and safari operators collapses, as travel advisories prompt tour companies to pull plug

Lebanon claims arrest of Isis chief’s wife

Iraqi woman and child detained at border crossing with Syria

Nato offers resources to fight Isis

Request for assistance would be ‘pushing at an open door’

Islamist extremists storm Nigerian city

Escalating violence comes as oil price pushes currency to new low

Gulf states join forces to combat jihadis

Bahraini minister says unit will begin operations this month

Turbulent Mali tests French peace mission

Rising violence stretches counter-jihadi Sahel task force

MPs slam Facebook in Lee Rigby case

Killer of UK soldier in London had discussed murder in online exchange

Terror measures target education and prisons

Legal obligation to prevent people being radicalised

UK home secretary and the Isis challenge

Conservative minister is right to opt for new anti-terror laws

Terror threat greater than ever, says May

Internet providers to keep more data on users while universities must clamp down on extremists

Terror suspects face enforced relocation

Lib Dems climbdown opens way for Commons bill

Three charged over alleged terror plot

Prosecution says charges relate to alleged plan to carry out a beheading

Police chief warns on cyber terror attack

Ties with New York bolstered in effort to increase security