IPCC and Global warming

After meeting in Stockholm the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has released its latest findings in a report likely to be one of the most carefully analysed documents on climate change this decade

Oil groups urged to back green energy

Environment Agency pension fund teams up with other investors

Comment & Analysis

Door inadvertently opened to meaningful action for the first time
– Bruce Bartlett
The village of Ilulissat is seen near the icebergs that broke off from the Jakobshavn Glacier on July 24, 2013 in Ilulissat, Greenland. As the sea levels around the globe rise, researchers affilitated with the National Science Foundation and other organizations are studying the phenomena of the melting glaciers and its long-term ramifications. The warmer temperatures that have had an effect on the glaciers in Greenland also have altered the ways in which the local populace farm, fish, hunt and even travel across land. In recent years, sea level rise in places such as Miami Beach has led to increased street flooding and prompted leaders such as New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to propose a $19.5 billion plan to boost the citys capacity to withstand future extreme weather events by, among other things, devising mechanisms to withstand flooding. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images) ©Getty
Abundant fossil fuels impede efforts to cut global carbon emissions
– FT View
People walk in front of the sunset during a warm summer weather evening with temperatures of 23 degrees near the football stadium in Munich, southern Germany, on August 19, 2014. AFP PHOTO/CHRISTOF STACHE (Photo credit should read CHRISTOF STACHE/AFP/Getty Images) ©AFP
Even libertarians can appreciate that the fight is over money, writes Jeffrey Sachs

World just had hottest year on record

Scientists claim clear evidence of global warming

Obama plans methane emissions crackdown

Uncertainty remains over target of 45% cut in the next decade

Renewables are top German power supplier

Data underscore shift towards clean energy

Climate change groups split on divestment

Some advocates argue for engagement with oil and coal companies

Time to put a proper price on carbon

The fall in oil prices and declines in other energy prices make the case for a tax overwhelming

Lorry and exhaust

Top truckmakers operated cartel, says EU

Work on emissions-cutting technology was held back, Brussels alleges

Private funding dries up for wave energy

Hopes of leading world in tapping power of the sea under threat

2014 warmest year in Europe since 1500s

Average 10.5ºC temperature will beat 2007 record

UN climate plan reached in marathon session

Watered-down agreement sets stage for Paris 2015

UN climate talks run into trouble

US and China clash over draft text

Climate talks struggle into overtime

Delegates in Lima agree just one paragraph for final text

Kerry issues warning at Lima climate talks

US secretary of state visit comes as Beijing takes tough stance

Davey calls for carbon asset transparency

UK energy secretary latest to warn on fossil fuel investment risks

Business wants greater say in climate talks

Corporate leaders voice concern at exclusion from UN negotiations

Funds press oil groups on climate change

Companies urged to explain plans ahead of global deal next year

Paris and Berlin seek EU emissions delay

Governments push back against proposal on car pollution

Typhoon spurs climate change payout calls

Poor countries want aid fund to be set up in next global treaty

Saudi in ‘race against time’ to cut reliance on oil

Lead adviser acknowledges climate change liabilities

Climate talks cast cloud over energy majors

UN negotiators consider phasing out oil and coal by 2050

Oil rout stresses urgency of climate deal

Low prices could lead countries to cut renewable energy

US watchdog defends China climate deal

Gina McCarthy, EPA chief, rejects Republican criticism

Paris mayor declares war on diesel cars

Hidalgo says action needed to tackle rising levels of pollution

Global climate talks lack urgency

Divisions between rich and poor countries persist despite optimism

Church of England challenges Shell and BP

Companies urged to do more to tackle climate change