IPCC and Global warming

After meeting in Stockholm the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has released its latest findings in a report likely to be one of the most carefully analysed documents on climate change this decade

Rockefellers join anti-fossil fuel drive

Standard Oil family fund sends ‘signal’ on renewables

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Enviromental protesters gather in a park in Sydney September 21, 2014 as part of a global protest on climate change. Australians rallied for climate action forming a human chain message as part of an international day of action to fight climate change ahead of a United Nations summit in New York on 23 September. AFP PHOTO/Peter PARKSPETER PARKS/AFP/Getty Images ©AFP
World leaders in UN meeting to set out planned climate action
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Demonstrators gather prior to the start of the People's Climate March in New York, U.S., on Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014. The United Nations 2014 Climate Summit is scheduled for Sept. 23. Photographer: Timothy Fadek/Bloomberg ©Bloomberg
Curbing global warming could support growth, not kill it
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C6AEKP Dried riverbed of Zayandeh river with Khaju Bridge in background, Isfahan Iran. ©Alamy
Poor planning, populist policies and drought have contributed to a critical water shortage
Ingersoll-Rand compressor factory in Shanghai

Ingersoll-Rand bows to climate fears

Manufacturer to end use of HFC chemicals by 2030

China outstrips EU and US on emissions

Latest pollution figures emerge as thousands march in protest

Californian town runs out of water

East Porterville residents struggle with three-year drought

China debates how to impose carbon caps

President Xi Jinping to skip UN climate change summit

US solar and wind start to outshine gas

Falling costs help renewables compete with fossil fuels

EU to help countries hit emission targets

Funds to flow to eastern European nations

Growth and climate fight can coexist

Report urges more investment in sustainable infrastructure

Climate Chestnut-Collared Longspur
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Ornithology: climate threat to American birds

A study has concluded that climate change threatens half the species living in the US and Canada

Minister warns on climate deal penalties

Global pact unlikely to include financial sanctions

Carbon dioxide levels in atmosphere surge

Rise underlines inadequacy of emissions efforts

Britain boosts renewable power generation

Record 34% jump as national ‘carbon intensity’ is cut by 4.8%

Emerging economies beat G7 on climate

Countries are still not doing enough to limit warming

German business grapples with energy costs

Shift to clean energy generates costly surcharges for Mittelstand companies

Thames clean-up inspires Modi’s Ganges plans

London’s once filthy waterway may hold lessons for sacred river

Environmental groups build runway case

Pollution concerns to play large role in decision

Climate change to slash south Asian GDP

Warning of 8.8% loss to economy if no action is taken

Chancellor backs down on carbon target cuts

Osborne had sought to water down greenhouse gas emissions limits

Australia abolishes carbon emissions tax

Abbott wins hard-fought political victory

Green bond growth of $40bn forecast

Market expected to expand by $100bn next year

Nestlé warns on water scarcity

Resource shortage ‘more urgent’ than global warming

Climate impact: why global warming is bad for your health

A study says heat-related deaths in Europe could reach 200,000 a year with a 3.5C temperature rise

Australia carbon tax repeal blocked

Clive Palmer and opposition combine to prevent moves to quash levy

Climate sceptics are losing their grip

Our current path leads to irreversible and costly damage