fighting global warming

An internationally-agreed goal to keep global temperature rises to less than 2C - a level scientists believe is necessary to avoid risky changes in the climate - has been agreed after post-industrial revolution temperatures have risen by nearly 1C, mostly from burning fossil fuels

Obama climate strategy left up in the air

Court decision removes deadline for states to lodge carbon plans

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Road to the Paris climate change summit
Delegates from 196 countries met in Paris in December 2015 to negotiate a global agreement on climate change

Supreme Court blocks climate change plans

Obama centrepiece aims to cut emissions from US power sector

Bloomberg urges clarity on climate change

Companies must better explain how they are affected

US and others agree aircraft carbon cuts

White House says equivalent to removing 140m cars each year

Warning of ‘urgent’ action to capture carbon

Committee says government might have to expand emissions efforts

Clean energy growth too slow, warns UN

Risk of missing climate targets because of under-investment

US plans crackdown on methane gas leaks

Obama unveils another tightening of fracking regulations

El Niño expected to wash over California

Water supplies expected to remain low despite flood threat

US climate policy survives legal test

Opponents vow to pursue battle with court ruling

2015 officially the hottest year on record

Scientists say temperatures last year shattered previous records

ExxonMobil urged to disclose climate risks

Climate change presents huge challenges to corporate governance

Mixed results for Delhi pollution push

City’s ‘odd even’ car-licence trial did not produce blue skies

Volkswagen: Noxious omissions

European authorities missed warnings and seemed reluctant to act

Obama freezes new coal mining permits

Announcement comes as president seeks to cement his legacy of action on climate change

Migration and climate change top risk threats

WEF highlights extreme weather and political instability

Climate change strongly linked to floods

Scientists convinced rainfall has been influenced by global warming

Swiss snow makers fight weather and lose

Mild weather thwarts technology and hits tourist industry

London blows 2016 pollution limits in 175 hours

Car emissions maximum beaten in Friday rush hour in Putney

Beijing air improved in 2015, says China

Weather, rather than lower emissions, linked to 6% particle drop

US views on climate change pose 2016 test

Neither party’s stance chimes with majority opinion on issue

Low-lying Bangladesh to boost coal use

Coal-fired power targets boosted despite rising sea level risk

Humans blamed for extreme weather

Global temperatures to rise by symbolic 1C this year

Floods to swamp north with £1bn-plus bill

Cameron pledges to ‘do whatever is needed’

Business attacks UK solar subsidy cuts

Move from green technology despite Paris climate change accord

Climate deal: Carbon dated?

COP21 will not solve global warming but may spur renewable energy