fighting global warming

An internationally-agreed goal to keep global temperature rises to less than 2C - a level scientists believe is necessary to avoid risky changes in the climate - has been agreed after post-industrial revolution temperatures have risen by nearly 1C, mostly from burning fossil fuels

Cloned cows cause beef on climate change

UN estimates global meat industry belches out 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions

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Road to the Paris climate change summit
Delegates from 196 countries will meet in Paris in December to negotiate a global agreement on climate change

India must resist carbon imperialism

The rich world’s move against fossil fuels is a disaster for poorer states, writes Arvind Subramanian

Coal’s woes could spark investors’ return

Institutional selling could be creating a buying opportunity

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade ID 11994908 © Shiningcolors | This was shot in New York City on Nov. 26. Thousands of people took part in the 83rd Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade which is featured with colossal balloons and beautiful floats. The parade is passing through the Times Square.

Climate change purées Nestlé pumpkin sales

Record rains in Illinois have halved the top growing state’s crop

£1bn carbon capture storage funds scrapped

End of flagship programme to combat climate change stuns industry

Islanders on climate change’s frontline

South Pacific island nations raise hopes for Paris talks

States warn US climate plan is illegal

West Virginia and Texas stage intervention ahead of Paris summit

Energy groups accused of carbon failings

Former heads of BP and Shell criticise industry, saying companies must use cleaner technologies

Sweden: climate impact must be disclosed

Asset managers will have to provide a ‘sustainability overview’

SUV boom
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America’s inconvenient SUV boom

Gas-guzzling models are back in vogue in the US, so why should poorer nations cut emissions?

Alberta outlines plan for carbon tax

Heartland of Canada’s oil industry targets cut to greenhouse gas emissions

Coal plant subsidies reined in by OECD

Deal could put a stop to as many as 850 planned coal plants

Rudd pushes for more gas-fired power

Energy secretary cites Lawson as inspiration in policy review

Switch from coal: who wins and loses?

Closing the stations is not unexpected news

Enel bets hard on renewable energy

Italian utility buys out minority investors in green power unit

US natural gas can serve as global model

Energy-related emissions dropped 10% from 2007 to 2013

Batteries start to compete for power grid

Falling cost of storage to boost renewable energy, says Lazard

Pollution in India: Gasping for air

Citizens turn to the courts amid claims the government is failing to clean up New Delhi’s toxic atmosphere

We need incentives to save the climate

Green finance should focus on drawing in private capital to clean tech, writes Henry Paulson

UK to phase out coal-fired power plants

Energy secretary also announces plans to encourage gas rather than diesel

Reach high for energy to save the earth

We need a target that lends excitement, prestige and energy

UK solar policy: there goes the sun

Alarm rises over hints that the state wants to revisit returns years after a project is signed off

India slows progress on climate accord

Talks stuck on divisions over mechanism to review emission pledges

Investors seek ethical benchmarks

Meeting the challenges of climate change with low carbon indices

Climate talks: High pressure in Paris

The focus of UN talks will be holding nations to their pledges