EU urges speeding of climate deal drive

Brussels appeals for pledges and warns of ‘painfully slow’ talks

Coal industry feels heat over carbon taxes

Producers warn punitive measures affect jobs and energy policy

Australia emission cut targets at low end

Goal towards lower end of western pledges ahead of Paris summit

Positive plan needed to decarbonise Britain

UK energy secretary must move beyond sweeping away ‘green crap’

US takes the lead on climate change

Obama’s Clean Power Plan lays the foundations for global agreement

Obama takes on states over climate change

Powerful coalition of interests challenges emission goals

Obama’s climate plan is canny politics

The initiative will define the direction of American energy policy

Obama set to order tougher climate action

Carbon cuts face opposition from US political rivals and industry

US states pushed towards carbon pricing

Administration prepares final version of plan to cut pollution

US business pledges climate change action

Plans could mean $140bn in green investments, says White House

Boost to hopes for Paris climate deal

French report shows diplomats making more progress than disclosed

UK study warns of worst-case climate risks

Report calls for serious assessment of warming threat

France rows back on coal subsidy cuts

Alstom at centre of row over Paris climate change commitments

Burning issue of global carbon reduction

Governments cannot just sit back and wait for cheap green energy

Clean global growth now ‘within reach’

Falling renewable energy costs and other trends boost hope for emission cuts, says study

Osborne’s chance to rethink climate taxes

Alphabet soup of green levies fail almost every coherence test

China climate targets spur dam boom fears

Energy-mix goals may herald end of country’s free-flowing rivers

Oil majors must stop Jekyll and Hyde line

End mixed messages on climate change, says Catherine Howarth

Steyer challenges Koch on climate change

Billionaire political donors gear up for 2016 White House battle

Emission vows boost climate deal hopes

US, Brazil, China and South Korea promise to curb carbon output

Home design adds to heatwave problems

Architecture raises overheating risks, warn experts

Shell bids for carbon capture project

Shell competes for £1bn pot to develop carbon storage facility

Gates to double renewable investments

Microsoft co-founder targets new areas of research

Berlin to scrap emissions levy plans

Move illustrates challenge Germany faces

Dutch ordered to accelerate carbon cuts

Ruling opens door to similar lawsuits in other countries