IPCC and Global warming

After meeting in Stockholm the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has released its latest findings in a report likely to be one of the most carefully analysed documents on climate change this decade

UN study: still time to save the world

Objective to keep average temperature rises below 2C

Comment & Analysis

Muddled EU climate policies are threatening to push pioneering waste-to-fuel companies away from the continent
Climate change demands action but not just on emissions, writes Richard Tol
– Richard Tol
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Models of climate change all but assume it cannot have a huge effect on the economy
– Robin Harding

Climate change risk to food supplies

New urgency as UN report predicts rising prices and decreased yields

Climate change inflates food prices

Chance of El Niño has farmers on high alert

Scientists seek climate-friendly cow

Burping bovines exceed methane emissions from landfill

California’s big dry shows little let-up

Record-setting drought touches heart of Silicon Valley

Energy sector told to face global warming

Top UN climate change official warns on adapting business models

Public not properly informed on climate

MPs say Met Office and BBC fail to communicate science effectively

Exxon expects climate targets miss

Oil group believes emissions will not be cut sharply

UN study says climate change hits crops

Report cites negative effect on prices of staple grains

Scientists clash over UN climate report

War of words over economic impact of global warming

UN flags up 2013 global weather extremes

Events seen as consistent with human-induced climate change

Climate chief warns on warming struggle

IPCC’s new report to confirm unequivocal global warming

Climate change optimists ‘completely wrong’

El Niño warning puts farmers on alert

Weather phenomenon could affect food and energy markets

New gases attack ozone layer

Emissions thought to come from making insecticides

BHP chief warns of shale gas reliance

Energy group says method requires more testing and development

Australia marked down over climate law

Government approach is ‘so unintellectual as to be unacceptable’

Lord Deben’s sharp words for Australia

Peer outspoken about Canberra’s move to ditch carbon tax

Australian drought bites into beef trade

Global prices pushed higher as government offers farm aid

German study warns on energy policy costs

Switch to renewables is big drag on exports, says report

Cameron: climate change a ‘serious’ threat

Push to reclaim the environment as a Tory issue

Businesses seek urgent climate action

Executives call on politicians to tackle ‘growing risk’

Brussels set to outline car emissions deal

New agreement pushes back deadline for carmakers to 2021

UK most at risk from storms, says study

Britain also ranked seventh most exposed in world to floods

Met Office warns of further flooding risk

River levels set to rise as further heavy rainfall is forecast