From kyoto to paris

In December 2015, the exhibition centre in the Parisan suburb of Le Bourget will host the biggest UN talks on tackling global warming and curbing emissions since the ill-fated Copenhagen meeting in 2009 that failed to improve upon the 1997 Kyoto protocol

Flood waters continue to exact a heavy toll

a garage in Lower Manhattan after Hurricane Sandy
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Many governments are failing to think long-term and invest in defences

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Sharing data is vital for countering extreme weather events
The sun sets behind buildings as smoke rises from a chimney stack over the skyline of Jilin, in northestern China's Jilin province,k on November 17, 2009. US President Barack Obama said that the United States and China want next month's climate change talks in Copenhagen to culminate in a global accord that has immediate effect. CHINA OUT AFP PHOTO (Photo credit should read AFP/AFP/Getty Images) ©AFP
Issues will not be tackled if shareowners lose ability to influence companies, writes Anne Stausboll
‘’For wine drinkers, the most striking effect of climate change is the rise in alcohol levels. Who wants to drink a wine that can offer little other than alcohol?’

Climate change ‘gamble’ exposed

Nearly half of biggest investors exposed to environmental risk

Olam chief calls for carbon pricing

Commodities trader says cost needs to be put on greenhouse gases

Islanders seek cut in maritime emissions

Shipping is crucial to country but CO2 an ‘existential threat’

Businesses to unite on green agenda

Corporates to back use of energy-saving technology and renewables

An angler tries her luck in the warm waters with the Braidwood Generating Station seen across the lake to the north, August 16, 2012 in Braceville, Illinois
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Obama moves to cut greenhouse gas emissions

The US nuclear industry, the country’s largest generator of low-carbon energy, fights back

CCS facility interior in the SaskPower Boundary Dam

China’s interest in carbon capture grows

US and Canada lead the world in developing CCS, and are home to the bulk of operational projects

BP investors lift heat on climate change

Oil major quizzed over its environmental investments

Obama’s climate change legacy at risk

Oklahoma attorney-general fights White House on role of EPA

Ontario joins cap-and-trade programme

Move may encourage other regions to join emissions trading system

Warm seas threat to haddock on menu

Red mullet and John Dory set to replace cold water species

World’s forests more fragile than thought

Prince’s sustainability unit says deforestation increasing

California’s hopes for water turn to dust

City dwellers and farmers braced for fourth year of drought

Californians told to cut water use by 25%

Governor Jerry Brown acts as state faces another year of drought

Guardian to shun fossil fuel shares

Newspaper owner shifts approach because of climate change concerns

Key economies miss climate pledge date

Nations that did set out targets account for quarter of emissions

Arctic sea ice shrinks to record low

Recent weather patterns partly explain change in coverage

Enel pledges to tackle climate change

Greenpeace backs utility as it phases out new coal investments

Global carbon emissions stall in 2014

First non-recession halt to CO2 growth for 40 years

Q&A: Why stable CO2 emissions are vital

Figures show emissions growth can slow as economic growth rises

Timeline: Countdown to Paris

Explore 30 years of global climate agreements

US envoy warns against climate failure

Deal in Paris is seen as vital to UN global warming strategy

UK warned against missing out in Arctic

Rapid change likely to present risks and opportunities, say peers

Green auction sets stage for cheap power

UK awards subsidies of £315m a year to renewable power schemes

EU reforms boost European carbon market

Start date of December 2018 set for emissions trading reforms