From kyoto to paris

In December 2015, the exhibition centre in the Parisan suburb of Le Bourget will host the biggest UN talks on tackling global warming and curbing emissions since the ill-fated Copenhagen meeting in 2009 that failed to improve upon the 1997 Kyoto protocol

France blasts slow pace of climate talks

Cumbersome nature of negotiations hits prospects for Paris deal


The sun breaks through the clouds at the Jakobshorn summit in Davos, Switzerland, Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2007. With a low snowfall that some attribute to global warming, ski conditions in the Swiss resort have been disappointing. Climate change will be a key topic in the World Economic Forum scheduled to start in Davos on Wednesday. Photographer: Suzanne Plunkett/Bloomberg News. ©Bloomberg
Delegates from 196 countries will meet in the French capital in December to negotiate a global agreement on climate change
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Norway oil fund to drop coal investments

Deal agreed on 30% threshold to define fossil-dependent groups

Business chiefs warm to climate campaign

More embrace environmentally friendly actions

Calpers and Calstrs urge climate backing

More than 100 fund manager heads sign letter

Henri de Castries, Chief Executive Officer at AXA photographed during the interveiw, for one use in the Financial Times, copyright Magali Delporte, 2012
©Magali Delporte

Axa pledges to sell €500m of coal assets

French insurer shuns fossil fuel in favour of renewables

Saudi Arabia foresees fossil fuel phase-out

Oil minister says kingdom will switch to renewables this century

Coal and solar executives clash on climate

Hayward rejects solar as power solution for countries such as India

Energy chief says EU coal and gas dying

‘We continue to build big power plants in emerging countries’

Scientists reinforce warning on El Niño

Sea temperature in Pacific reaches highest level since 1987

Merkel and Hollande set pollution goal

Leaders among first to aim for zero-emissions target

The enormous cost of cheap carbon

IMF finds treasure trove for finance ministers who dare to act

IMF: ‘True cost’ of fuel subsidies surges

Study more than doubles estimate of environmental and other costs to $5.3tn in 2015 alone

To save the planet, buy oil and gas

Investors should engage with companies to push low-carbon plans

El Niño blows back into commodity markets

Hedging positions face overhaul after weather pattern returns

El Niño’s return to energise climate talks

Australian agency confirms ‘moderate to strong’ weather event

Fossil fuels: warming to a theme

Investors should take a targeted approach

Fossil fuel divestment gathers momentum

Petition signed by 10,000 people calls on Dutch pension fund to drop oil, gas and coal stocks

California raises hopes for climate talks

State’s tough new emissions targets will help US meet goal

Church blacklists coal and tar sands

Church to sell £12m of holdings to send signal on climate change

Pope to weigh in on climate change action

Encyclical will take aim at fossil fuels

Prince Charles shuns fossil fuel shares

Heir joins charities and universities in stance on global warming

Flood waters continue to exact a heavy toll

Many governments are failing to think long-term and invest in defences

Climate change ‘gamble’ exposed

Nearly half of world’s biggest investors failing to protect portfolios against environmental risk

Olam chief calls for carbon pricing

Commodities trader says cost needs to be put on greenhouse gases

Islanders seek cut in maritime emissions

Shipping is crucial to country but CO2 an ‘existential threat’