fighting global warming

An internationally-agreed goal to keep global temperature rises to less than 2C - a level scientists believe is necessary to avoid risky changes in the climate - has been agreed after post-industrial revolution temperatures have risen by nearly 1C, mostly from burning fossil fuels

Exxon investors back powers over board

‘Watershed’ vote comes as climate change pressure on group builds

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Road to the Paris climate change summit
Delegates from 196 countries met in Paris in December 2015 to negotiate a global agreement on climate change

Calpers raises heat on Exxon over climate

US state pension fund wants greater access to oil group’s board

Australia calls end to El Niño

Respite for drought-hit regions but La Niña appears on horizon

Nigeria road plan drives rainforest fears

Scheme exposes national park to illegal logging, minister warns

Eon and RWE pursue radical restructurings

Utilities have little choice but to shake up their operations as Germany embraces renewable energy

Mathieu Flamini. Professional footballer and investor in renewable energy. Kiran Stacey copy.
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From the pitch to the boardroom

Footballer Mathieu Flamini kept his biotech company secret

Australia counts cost of climate change

Damage from natural disasters is expected to double by 2030

28 April 2016 – Paris, France Isabelle Kocher, the CEO of Engie for Business Life
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Isabelle Kocher, Engie — new kind of power

The head of the French utility company on dealing with climate change and crisis

US imposes rules on fracking emissions

Obama’s climate change legacy likely to be decided in the courts

Academics back Exxon and Chevron vote

Leading university figures support disclosure of climate risks

Cloud over diesel and petrol

Carmakers may find big changes simply unavoidable

Vanguard pans drive against fossil fuels

Asset manager warns driving down share prices could create new private oil barons

How biomimicry can help architects

Nature has evolved systems that can be mimicked to solve design problems and create a more sustainable future

Norway: Environmental hero or hypocrite?

It plans to allow dumping in a fjord and new oil exploration

Exxon launches carbon capture scheme

Technology promises way to use fossil fuels while addressing climate change

Water scarcity imperils growth, study warns

World Bank fears shortages might lead to migration and violence

Sovereign funds ignore climate risk

Large investors warned environmental change will affect returns

Shell chairman joins new climate group

Charles Holliday to sit on body looking at curbing fossil fuels

Climate change sceptics must be heard

Government should not act to suppress views it does not agree with

Can China turn green?

‘If China could be persuaded to construct energy-efficient new buildings, we might have an effective way of reducing global warming’

Deal to protect second-largest rainforest

Democratic Republic of Congo signs landmark $200m agreement with donors

Uncertainty clouds Paris climate deal

Temperatures still rising and renewables investment has slipped

Interest in low-carbon investment rises

As sustainability is quantified, the next step is smart beta ETFs

Drax says it can phase out coal in 3 years

Power plant challenges government to offer more green subsidies

Call for clean coal push in US and China

American energy secretary says technology a benefit to both countries