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FT series - Archived

Business in Africa awakens

There have been false dawns before but sub-Saharan Africa appears to be at a genuine turning point, with the business landscape being transformed by pan-African multinationals, the spread of mobile and foreign investment.

FT Series: Day 6

West plays catch-up on Africa contracts

US groups wake up to opportunities

Ghana rice venture points new way ahead

Gadco combines Brazilian knowhow and US capital

FT series: Day 5

Africa takes lead in mobile revolution

Swift rise of phone networks offers shortcut for development

Technology drives Africa transformation

Kenya’ demonstrates government support and grassroots networks are key

Bolloré logistics arm to ‘unlock Africa’

Conglomerate aims to cement leading position in African freight

FT series: day 4

African groups seek growth across borders

Expansion across continent is a vital strategy

Currencies pressed by trade imbalances

Telecoms groups MTN says currency swings hit earnings

Ascendant Africa

Continent’s rise is welcome, overdue – but still precarious

FT series: Day 3
Shake Shake in Botswana

Brands raise a toast to Africa expansion

Consumer goods companies are poised for growth

Africa’s wealthy revel in luxury labels

Continent’s growing middle class find few local shops for sprees

FT series: Day 2

Harsh deal climate in sub-Saharan Africa

The high-rolling years leading up to 2007 are a thing of the past

Helios shines light on Africa investments

Fund managers argue that investing in the continent is less risky than elsewhere

Africa must get real about Chinese ties

The relationship carries with it a whiff of colonialism, writes Lamido Sanusi

FT series: Day 1

Africa calling

The continent is attracting investors eager to take advantage of a flourishing market

The telecoms numbers that didn’t add up

Multinationals failed to read the potential for mobile phone use across Africa