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The time for talk is over: Europe’s politicians need to act fast in order to solve the ongoing financial crisis in the eurozone

Actions need to speak louder than words

The forum should move beyond rhetoric and use its influence to broker practical solutions to the world’s economic woes, writes Patrick Jenkins


Seb Morton-Clark, Patrick Jenkins, Chris Giles, and Gideon Rachman
FT’s Davos aficionados on the likely issues
A selection of business leaders, politicians and NGOs on what to expect
Davos 2012 ©Getty
WEF: Davos 2012. News, commentary and analysis
Gillian Tett

The blame game

The US fears its fragile economic recovery is under threat, says Gillian Tett

Protect and promote

The UK should mend fences with Europe and make new emerging market allies, writes Jonathan Ford

Martin Wolf

Confronting follies

Martin Wolf considers the eurozone’s changing fortunes

Northern exposure

The role emerging economies play in the global economy is set to increase, writes Arkady Dvorkovich

The economics of politics

Changes in leadership and regimes will be watched closely, writes Gideon Rachman

Live blog

  • White House countdown: Live free or die

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    Voters are casting their ballots in New Hampshire – the Granite State where licence plates carry the motto “Live Free or Die”. Donald Trump is expected to win the Republican primary, while Bernie Sanders is preparing for a victory over Hillary Clinton, who beat Barack Obama here in 2008 but is struggling this year.

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  • New Hampshire 2016 primary reaction

    More than half a million voters are estimated to have headed to the polls in a near-record turnout a snowy New Hampshire on Tuesday as the Granite State followed the Iowa caucuses by holding the first primary contest of the 2016 presidential election. The FT's DC bureau chief Demetri Sevastopulo, political correspondent Courtney Weaver, chief US commentator Edward Luce and digital comment editor Sebastian Payne watched the action from the ground in New Hampshire. This blog tracks the FT correspondents and other social media and commentator reaction to the election, curated by US Online News Editor Emiliya Mychasuk.

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  • White House countdown: Bloomberg weighs his options

    (New Hampshire) – The big news today is that Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire former New York mayor, told the FT he may jump into the 2016 race for the White House. That would be a huge development, which would radically alter an election that has already been completely upended by Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

    The candidates have been scurrying around the Granite State making their final pitches to voters ahead of the primaries on Tuesday. Mr Trump remains ahead in the Republican polls with an average lead of 16 points, according to a compilation of surveys by Real Clear Politics. Marco Rubio, the Cuban-American senator, has been trying to regain his footing after an awful debate performance on Saturday when he responded to charges that he repeats memorised lines – by repeating memorised lines.

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The east also rises

Asian economies are doing well, but power has not quite shifted from the west, says Henny Sender

The new model leaders

Outdated approaches are not suited to a fast-paced world, says Klaus Schwab

Chris Giles

Pride before a fall

Chris Giles warns against the dangers of complacency

Strategic balance

Shifting power demands leadership, says David Miliband