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The growing range of activities on the island’s 24 square miles has offered shelter from the financial storm

Resilience helps keep hope afloat

The growing range of activities on Guernsey’s 24 square miles has offered shelter from the financial storm, says James Pickford

Meeting of minds: experience is highly valued

Financial services: Multi-faceted skills see push into new markets

The depth of expertise in the island has helped to see it through, writes Brian Groom

Firm foundations: Admiral Park, St Peter Port, is home to several fund managers

Investment funds: Reputation helps woo investors

Niche areas of expertise have helped the island buck the trend and expand in some areas, writes Brian Groom

Economy: Push for growth to future-proof the island

Finance alone is no longer Guernsey’s panacea, explains James Pickford

Asia: A marketing approach that milks every conceivable sector

Even the island’s cows are part of the push into China, says James Pickford

Regulation: Fixing the system requires a skilful enforcer

Recent reforms have exposed weaknesses, says James Pickford

Financial firms figure large in the island's commercial landscape

Politics: Leaders face hard choices over deficit

The general election showed voters wanted a fresh approach, says James Pickford

Rich history: financial services have been a pillar of the island's economy for 50 years

Banking: Forging a centre of stability

Reputation is all and the sector is working hard to protect the island’s, writes Brian Groom

Robus Group: Innovative ideas proffer profit

RPTs present new ways to manage risk, writes Brian Groom

Image rights: Lawyers and financiers focus on cult of celebrity

James Pickford looks at an innovative plan to launch the world’s first image register